1. Avidity Science Launches Geno CL Series, Setting a New Standard For Deionized (DI) Water Purification Systems

    Avidity Science Launches Geno CL

    Long Crendon, UK | 6 August, 2019
    Avidity Science is proud to be launching the next generation of Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) systems, the Avidity Science GenoTM CL.  Avidity Science will showcase the Geno™ CL along with its broad range of water purification solutions at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaheim,

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  2. Avidity Science Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

     Avidity Science Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

    Waterford, WI, February 18, 2019 – Avidity Science launches its golden anniversary today with a year-long celebration of achievements and milestones from the past 50 years.  From humble beginnings in a small farmhouse, Avidity Science, formerly known as Edstrom Industries; has expanded to become a leading innovator in the global science community through a unique combination of water purification and delivery, environmental monitoring, and service solutions.  Today, more than 17 million Edstrom™ animal watering valves operate worldwide. 

    Commenting on the golden anniversary milestone, Doug Lohse, CEO said, “The same commitment to quality and innovation established in 1969 by the company’s founders, Bil

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  3. Avidity Science Acquires CT Chemicals Inc.

    Avidity Science Acquires CT Chemicals Inc.

    WATERFORD, Wis., Sept. 24, 2018 -- Avidity Science is pleased to announce it has completed its acquisition of CT Chemicals Inc. The acquisition furthers Avidity Science's efforts to broaden its range of products and solutions supporting the research tools market.

    Based in Lebanon, OH, CT Chemicals manufactures and sells filtration products including ion exchange and filtration media-based solutions used in water purification applications. CT Chemicals' broad range of products are widely used by pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government customers.

    "By expanding Avidity's portfolio of water purification solutions to include ion exchange and filtration media and cartridges, this acqui

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  4. Edstrom Industries and Triple Red Combine to Become Avidity Science™

    Edstrom Industries and Triple Red Combine to Become Avidity Science™

    WATERFORD, Wis., July 31, 2018 - Today Edstrom Industries, LLC and its UK-based subsidiary Triple Red Limited, announce they will unify the company under the name Avidity Science. The change is a key part of the company's strategic plan to build a diversified research solutions business which exceeds the product and service needs of scientists and healthcare customers around the world.

    The new name marks the beginning of a significant chapter in the company's history, providing a platform to add product lines

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  5. Edstrom Industries Launches Innovative Avidity ScienceTM Laboratory Pure Water Systems; Available through Thomas Scientific

    Waterford, WI | July 10, 2018 – Today, Edstrom Industries introduces the innovative Avidity Science line of pure water systems for laboratory applications.  The comprehensive range of high value products includes Type 1, 2, and 3 pure water systems, all designed to deliver superior reliability in a minimal footprint.  All models are available through Thomas Scientific, a leading laboratory equipment and supplies distributor.


    The Avidity Science line of pure lab water products can meet virtually any application and any budget with production rates ranging from 10-80 liters/hour, a wide variety of external storage tank capacities, available UV light options, low energy consumption, and easy-to-maintain cartridges. Product options include the following:


    • The AltoTM and DuoTM Type 1 polishers offer multiple water dispense options: a flexible on-unit mounted variable rate dispense gun, a remote mounted variable dispense rate
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  6. Edstrom Industries Acquires Triple Red

    Waterford, WI | September 15, 2017 – Today Edstrom Industries LLC announced it has completed the acquisition of Triple Red Ltd. The acquisition furthers Edstrom Industries’ efforts to offer a broader range of products and solutions to the research community.

    Based in the United Kingdom, Triple Red manufactures and sells a broad range of equipment and services to support life sciences research and healthcare applications. Its products under the Triple Red brand include water purification equipment capable of delivering a wide range of water qualities and capacities.

    “By expanding global access to Triple Red’s unique portfolio of water purification solutions, the acquisition supports Edstrom’s objective of becoming a more valuable partner for our customers in achieving their research objectives, both from a product and service perspective” said Doug Lohse, Chief Executive Officer, Edstrom.

    “We are excited about how this combination will both enhance our relatio

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