Avidity Science® Launches Solo S System, Setting a New Standard for Laboratory Water Purification Sustainability

Avidity Science is proud to announce the launch of the world's first laboratory ultrapure water system with reusable plastic cartridges, the Avidity Science Solo™ S. Avidity Science showcased the Solo™ S at The Lab Innovations Trade Show in Birmingham, UK, November 1-2.

The Solo™ S is a benchtop Type 1 water purification system producing Ultrapure water directly from tap water, up to 10 liters per day. Unique to Avidity's Solo™ S its novel system design enables plastic consumables to be reused, instead of disposed, as part of the AvRecycle™ plan, provides up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions relating to plastic production and eliminates customers' plastic waste without compromising water quality.

AvRecycle™ provides the opportunity for researchers to return their spent cartridges to Avidity Science who will disassemble, empty and clean them before refilling and creating new cartridges reusing the plastic components and pretreatment media for the same purpose multiple times. 

Designed to meet the current needs of research laboratories, the Solo™ S is compact, simple to operate and maintain with a 5-inch intuitive, icon-based, touch screen and Near Field Communication (NFC) for cartridge identification and traceability. Paperless data logging and acquisition capability which meets regulatory compliance is easily accessible and supports critical research needs.

The Solo™ S platform, utilizing the proven water purification technologies of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Deionization (DI) with differentiating non-carbon reusable pretreatment and mercury-free LED UV, is specifically designed to deliver ultrapure water with reduced water and energy consumption to minimize environmental footprint for the customer.

"We believe the Solo™ S sets a new standard for laboratory water system sustainability with its unique reusable cartridge design and AvRecycle™" said Tim McDougle, Executive Vice President, Global Life Sciences for Avidity Science. "For decades Avidity has focused on driving innovation to match customer needs and the Solo™ S is an excellent example of how we meet both our customers' critical water quality and environmental impact needs."

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