Control & Monitoring

  1. NOW Newsletter: Product Spotlight on BMDS DAS-8001

    NOW Newsletter: Spotlight on BMDS DAS-8001 Console System

    The DAS-8001 Console System reads animal data transmitted by BMDS radio frequency identification transponders. Telemetry received from the transponders can include animal identification and subject temperature data.

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  2. NOW Newsletter: Product Spotlight on Watchdog EX™

    Watchdog EX™ Monitoring and Control: Reliability From The Cloud

    Watchdog EX performs its competencies in a contemporary cloud-based platform that eliminates the need for local networks, VPNs and server boxes while providing automatic updates, future 3rd party integration, and hardened data security backed by Amazon Web Services. All of this is delivered through a mobile friendly interface that’s simplified and responsive, giving authorized users 24/7 on-demand access to the system.

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  3. NOW Newsletter: Spotlight on BMDS IMI-400 and IMI-500 Transponders

    NOW Newsletter: Spotlight on BMDS IMI-400 and IMI-500 Transponders

    The IMI-400 and IMI-500 are RFID-based Implantable Micro Identification Transponders™ that automate animal identification for improved data gathering, recording, and validation.

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  4. Spotlight on BMDS - A Newly Acquired Business to Avidity Science

    BMDS Animal Identification Reader

    BMDS Animal Identification Reader

    For the last 35 years Bio Medic Data Systems (BMDS) has assisted with the requirement to identify and track research animals. BMDS launched the first Electronic Lab Animal Monitoring System (ELAMS) back in 1987. Today, BMDS leads the industry in RFID animal identification to the global research market.   

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  5. Keeping the Lights On | Lighting Control for Vivariums

    Lighting Header

    Keeping The Lights On

    Many animal behaviors are strongly influenced by the amount of ambient light. Lighting is a critical factor in both circadian rhythms and breeding cycles. Knowing the importance of lighting in the vivarium, how do you select the best lighting solution? 

    Lighting for vivarium use should be designed for animals and the staff that care for them. Energy efficiency is important, but it is secondary to reliability and verification of lighting. Animals cannot override the lights if the lights are not correct. Vivarium management must ensure proper light cycles for animals under their care and provide evidence that it is working correctly. Reliability means knowing what failures the system can detect and if these failures can be automatically recovered from by the system. Verification of lighting provides data to all parties on the lighting experienced by the animals. Finally, lighting schedules and allowed deviations must be controlled by

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