Automated Watering System

Automated Watering Systems

The Edstrom Automated Watering Systems (AWS) delivers fresh drinking water to research animals via stainless steel distribution systems and specialized drinking valves. Avidity offers both flushing and recirculation systems – as well as a hybrid system - for automated animal watering applications.  Each has benefits in reducing the amount of water and/or energy consumed by the facility. We specifically engineer our automated watering products for vivariums located within pharmaceutical, government, and academic institutions as well as agriculture environments. AWS makes the vivarium more habitable, safer, and more consistently able to provide a constant source of clean water.

“Our Edstrom Automated Watering System has given us an ROI of 3 years and have reduced Workman’s Compensation claims by 60%.”  - Peter Brown, Harvard University, FAS

Automatic Animal Watering Solutions

Automated watering systems can provide water with less variability. When good purification methods are used, watering systems can deliver the highest quality water. A central animal watering system controller can be used to automate the flushing of rack manifolds and room distribution piping to avoid stagnation and to combat bacteria growth. The controller is specified to simultaneously monitor the watering system. If problems occur, the controller can be programmed to send an alarm to notify facility staff.

Time studies conducted by Edstrom Industries indicate that, on average, one full time equivalency (FTE) is required for every 3,000 bottles processed per week.  Automated watering systems usually have a 2-5 year payback period.  Our automated watering systems, water purification equipment, and condition monitoring systems can be designed and constructed to facilitate a lab of specific size, or one with a specific species of lab animal. Our design also has the flexibility to  accommodate a variety of species and can be expanded as your facility grows.

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