Edstrom Automated Watering System

Automated Watering Systems

The Edstrom Automated Watering Systems (AWS) delivers fresh drinking water to research animals via stainless steel distribution systems and specialized drinking valves. Avidity offers both flushing and recirculation systems – as well as a hybrid system - for automated animal watering applications.  Each has benefits in reducing the amount of water and/or energy consumed by the facility. We specifically engineer our automated watering products for vivariums located within pharmaceutical, government, and academic institutions as well as agriculture environments. AWS makes the vivarium more habitable, safer, and more consistently able to provide a constant source of clean water.

"Our Edstrom Automated Watering System has given us an ROI of 3 years and have reduced Workman’s Compensation claims by 60%.”  - Peter Brown, Harvard University, FAS 

The Only Global Company to Offer Custom Designed Systems to Meet End User Requirements

Automated Animal Watering System Comparisons



        Uses Less Water than Flushing

        Uses More Energy Due to Continuous Pump Operation.

Water Recirculation


        Uses More Water than Recirculation Due to Flushing

        Uses Less Energy

        Electric Utility Failure – System Can Still Operate with City Water Supply Pressure


Flushing System


        Combination of Flushing and Recirculation

        Header Line Recirculation with Room Distribution Piping Flushing


        Both Room Distribution System Recirculation and Through-Rack Recirculation

Hybrid Automated Watering System