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As a serious breeder, you know the critical importance of making a clean supply of water available at all times. Water is the most critical nutrient in your livestock’s' diet, making up as much as 85% of the living body and serving many purposes.

Water in the blood stream serves as a means for transporting nutrients to cells and returning waste to the lungs and kidneys. Water carries waste from the body, lubricates the joints, and helps maintain body temperature. Water also keeps eyes moist, protecting them from dust and other foreign objects.

An animal can lose nearly all of its body fat and half its protein and stay alive. However, the loss of more than 10% of its water will cause death. Deprivation of water for even a few hours can stress an animal, leading to health problems and reduced performance in breeding stock. In the wild, birds and animals obtain a major portion of their water in the natural foods they consume. But because the prepared feeds used in most facilities are low in moisture content, your animals must drink more water to sustain its daily dietary water requirement.

Providing adequate quantities of clean, fresh water, accessible to the animals 24 hours a day, is crucial to the overall health of your livestock and to the resulting profitability of your production enterprise. Installing an Edstrom® Automated Watering System will accomplish this!