Dog Watering

Don't worry, your pet will keep sipping even when you are away. Solve the problem with an automatic watering system for a constant supply of clean fresh water. Dog waterers easily connect to your outside water spigot and turn on and off to keep your pet's thirst quenched at all times.

Ideal For:

  • Dog lovers
  • Humane Societies
  • Animal Control Facilities
  • Boarding Kennels
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Zoos
  • Farms
  • Home
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  1. Dog/Hog Drinking Valve O-Ring (Flat-bottom) 3100-0999-011
  2. Diaphragm for Dog/Hog Drinking Valve (Blue) 1010-0018-050
  3. Dog/Hog Valve Adapter 1640-4270
  4. Dog Valve 1000-0738
  5. Retainer Screw for a Dog/Hog Drinking Valve 1010-0015-100
Set Descending Direction

7 Items

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