Answers to Common Questions

Do you have a question about one of Avidity Science® products or services?  Check out our 'Frequently Asked Questions' below for general information. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we would be happy to provide additional information.

What is an Edstrom® Automated Watering System and why do I need it for my facility?

Edstrom® Automated Watering Systems (AWS) deliver fresh drinking water to research animals via stainless steel distribution systems and specialized drinking valves. We specifically engineer our automated watering products for vivariums located within pharmaceutical, government, and academic institutions as well as agriculture environments. AWS makes the vivarium more habitable, safer, and more consistently able to provide a constant source of clean water.

Where are your products manufactured?

Avidity Science products are designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001 Certified, 110,000 square foot facility in Waterford Wisconsin - where we maintain the capability to do our own machining, sheet metal fabrication, welding, electropolishing, injection molding, circuit board manufacture, testing, assembly, and packaging.

We remain committed to keeping the manufacture of our products in-house, and we have integrated all critical functions into our operation. The outstanding quality of our products, recognized worldwide, is directly attributable to our staff who are dedicated to continuous improvement and focused on our goal of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Do you offer a recirculation automated watering system to save water?

Edstrom Automated Watering Systems are available in flushing and recirculation system configurations – as well as a hybrid system - for automated animal watering applications.  Each has benefits in reducing the amount of water and/or energy consumed by the facility.  Automated watering of either configuration reduces ergonomic injuries, saves time and resources when compared to using animal water bottles. It is, however, wise to consider the entire environmental impact of the system.  Our engineers will work with you to design a system that meets your environmental, water quality, and animal welfare requirements.

Have you installed many of your systems?

We have installed hundreds of Automated Watering Systems. Each of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies, and over 90% of the major research institutes, trust Avidity Science products and services to protect the health and welfare of their laboratory animals and the integrity of their research data.

We would be more than happy to provide a list of references. Please contact your regional sales consultant for more information.

Our facility needs a building monitoring system, what products do you offer for environmental monitoring?

The Watchdog EX® Extended Monitoring and Control System is dedicated to monitoring fluctuations in temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, and water supply which can compromise animal welfare. Any facilities having specialized needs for lighting, environmental monitoring, automatic watering systems, and access/authentication control to rooms can benefit from Watchdog EX. The built-in alarm notification feature notifies staff when potential problems begin to occur, not after it is too late.

I am conducting a study that requires night lighting. Does Avidity Science offer night lighting?

Yes, our new Advanced Light Module (ALM) provides complete light control, including night lighting. The system gives authorized personnel the ability to create the lighting schedule on a room-by-room basis. The ALM supports flexible lighting schedules and can control the lights using four different light states: low level, high level, night light, and no light. The system also has a light blink safety feature that gives advance notice prior to the lights turning off, providing personnel time to conclude activities or override the lighting schedule.

Is automated watering cost effective?

Our customers have calculated that, on average, an Edstrom Automated Watering System pays for itself within 2-5 years, depending on the efficiency of the water bottle process it replaces. Maintenance costs for Edstrom watering systems are also relatively low, particularly compared to individual water bottles. The prevalence of ventilated cage rack use has made the use of automated watering systems more common.

Is automated watering able to provide higher quality water for the animals?

An automated watering system with water purification/treatment/flushing, can provide excellent, consistent water quality throughout all points of the system. The consistency of automated water is significantly better than autoclaved water bottles.

An autoclaved water bottle may or may not contain sterile water.  Autoclave cycles need to be long enough to heat the entire mass of water to temperature and for a long enough duration to ensure sterile water. Autoclaves can have "dead spots" where the water is not even getting close to hot enough. When the bottles are removed they sometimes sit around for periods of time in staging areas where they can become contaminated.

Once the bottle is placed on the cage, the animals will introduce bacteria to the bottle where it will quickly grow and multiply. If you've felt a slippery stopper removed from a bottle you've felt the biofilm they've built.

Do you make products that are suitable for smaller laboratory facilities?

Avidity Science builds products and systems that are integrated and scalable. Our automated watering systems, water purification equipment, and condition monitoring systems can be designed and constructed to facilitate a lab of specific size, or one with a specific species of lab animal. Our design also has the flexibility to accommodate a variety of species and can be expanded as your facility grows. Our engineers work closely with you to understand each application and to design a system that meets both the current and anticipated requirements.