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The Edstrom® A160 drinking valve is a precision engineered instrument made from high-quality stainless steel and silicon components.  Its consistent performance is critical for your animals.

As the drinking valves are repeatedly sanitized, sterilized and handled over time, the performance of the silicone parts within the valve may begin to degrade.  The rate at which this happens is variable depending on the SOPs maintained by each lab.

With varying conditions of these internal parts, you are leaving their proper function up to chance and risking harm to your animals.

Our E-vive valve care program provides a scheduled, proactive approach that systematically renews the drinking valves to their original factory specifications.  By joining the E-vive program, you retain the maximum performance of your system and help laboratory operations run smoothly. 

 At Avidity Science®, we are committed to supporting you by keeping your system operating at peak performance. 

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Evive - Valve Care Program

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