Water Control & Monitoring

Edstrom’s technology monitors and protects your critical research. We understand that maintaining control over variables is at the heart of scientific discovery. We have been at the forefront of developing critical monitoring and control solutions for academic, commercial and government institutions for over 30 years.

Monitoring provides assurance that the conditions you consider vital are maintained. At the core of any monitoring system is the ability to notify users when something unexpected has caused critical parameters to fall out of range.  Our lab monitoring system offers both alert and alarm notification to help you better evaluate the level of concern raised by a deviant reading and allows you to decide how and when to react to it.

The alarming system operates in compliance with accepted laboratory regulations and creates a centrally located audit trail of both alarms and the actions taken. The audit trail then allows data to be retrieved easily for analysis, reporting, viewing or regulatory inspection.


Edstrom vivarium monitoring products provide a full-scale solution for all areas of laboratory that require critical monitoring of environmental conditions. Because we work with you in the upfront design of your facility, these applications create an environmental management system unique to your vivarium’s needs. Alarm notifications can be sent to phone and email to provide direct follow-up and better management. Active alarms can also be checked onscreen at the central computer or remotely from your desktop with a web browser or internet-enabled device.


  • Alarm data – and all other environmental activities and metrics – can be shared across multiple departments or locations through our centralized portal
  • Helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Edstrom’s exclusive "clean mode" feature prevents nuisance alarms during room cleaning
  • Alarm notifications can be sent to wireless devices providing direct follow-up and better management.
  • Alarm data is centrally stored so that at the end of the study, a record is provided indicating if environmental parameters were exceeded and how long each occurrence lasted
  • Active alarms can be checked locally or remotely
  • Alarm creates customizable checklist including researcher/supervisor notified and action taken
  • Alarm feature provides date and time stamp of all activities
  • Notes can be added to a particular alarms event explain alarm cause and resolution
  • Alarm data is stored and at the end of the study, a record can be provided indicating if environmental parameters were exceeded and how long each occurrence lasted
  • Option of adding an OPC-compliant Advanced Alarm Relay (AAR) system

For added security, Edstrom offers an OPC compliant Advanced Alarm Relay (AAR), which enables alarm information to be sent to another specified system via relays.

The Advanced Alarm Relay feature links to the monitoring system via dry contact relays which can be configured as either normally open or normally closed. Each relay in the system can be configured with multiple parameters. The same parameters can be also be assigned to multiple relays. As a result, any of the configured dry contacts can be driven by any combination of alarm conditions. The Advanced Alarm Relay is available with 16 relays per unit, and a single monitoring system can have multiple units.