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Complications with drinking water for laboratory rodents, either too much water or no water at all, are among the most common complaints an animal facility manager receives today.  Historically, the only options have been water bottles or automatic watering.   Avidity is now proud to offer a revolutionary alternative.


We are pleased to present an alternative watering system that vastly reduces labor, scientific variables, operating costs and ergonomic issues, while offering improved animal husbandry procedures.

The Hydropac® Pouch and sterile disposable valve™ offers a convenient, reliable and economical alternative watering system for various research rodents.  Designed for use with facility-supplied drinking water, the AWS-2500 Pouch Machine produces up to 600 water pouches an hour by a specially formulated FDA-grade Hydroseal™ film that is fed through the machines to produce hermetically sealed, ready-to-use individual water pouches.  A sterile disposable drinking valve delivers water from a pouch to the research animal.  Valve installation is quick and easy. Just press a valve into the stainless steel grommet, push a filled pouch onto the valve and that’s it – you’re ready to go! 

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AWS - 2500






Hydropac - AWS 2500


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AWS-2500 Sell Sheet

  • Reduces labor, scientific variables, operating cost and ergonomic issues
  • A convenient method to produce emergency water supplies
  • Produces up to 600 pouches an hour (10 per minute)
  • Produces either 8 ox or 13 oz pouches 
  • See machine in action below:


Hydroseal Pouch Film


Hydropac - Film

  • Fits a wide variety of wire bar lid designs (with adapters)
  • Maintain sterile water in pouches while in use with animals for up to 2 weeks
  • Bag maintains water quality for an extended storage period
  • Eliminate the need to autoclave water by producing sterile pouches (when water is treated through ultrafiltration and proportioner)
  • Dose or sample individual pouch contents quickly and easily with a silicone patches and syringe
  • Hydroseal films is compliant with FDA Direct Food Contact Guidelines
  • Each specially formulated Hydroseal fil roll produces 6,000 pouches

Sterile Disposable Valve

Hydropac - Valve


  • Patented, sterile, single-use valve minimizes cross-contamination risk
  • Valve acceptable for mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs
  • Weanlings access water easily (only 2 grams of pressure activates valve)
  • Quick and easy installation of valve to bag

AWS 2500

Master Carton

Hydropac - Master Carton


  • Material to produce 18,000 Hydropac pouches with valves
  • 9 rolls of Hydroseal Pouch Film
  • 18,000 valves packaged in 100-count disposable plastic trays (60 valves per tray)
  • Pallet is a thermoplastic-base recycleable material
  • Compact storage footprint of 8.34 sq. ft. (.77 sq .m)
  • Dimensions:  25" W x 48" D x 36" H




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