Water Distribution Manifolds

A water manifold is used to distribute water to individual drinking valve locations within an animal rack or enclosure.

Consisting of several sections of stainless steel tubing a manifold is attached directly to an animal cage rack or enclosure. Manifolds are connected to the Room Distribution System via quick disconnects and hoses to allow for flexibility in movement and connection. There are multiple configurations for manifolds that are used on a variety of animal cage racks. A typical design for Individually Vented Cage (IVC) racks is a Reverse ‘S’ design. This design fills the manifold with water from the bottom up, thereby naturally venting out the air as well as allowing for the complete exchange of water in all levels of the manifold. Other configurations are available for other animal rack/enclosure types. 


Reverse S Design

Edstrom Manifold                                              Manifolds 2l


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