Cool Sense™ – Motion Cooling System

Cattle Cooling with Cool Sense

The fully-automated cooling system for any cow traffic lane. Cool Sense™ is temperature and motion activated to provide a cool shower to cows in transit. The system is triggered only when the dual motion sensors detect an animal is present and the air temperature is above your specified set point.

The Cool Sense™ motion cooling system is an effective and efficient way of keeping dairy cattle cool when the temperature rises. Cooling is achieved by automatically showering dairy cows with a coarse droplet shower. After a cow moves through the showering area, the water begins evaporating from the skin and pulls heat away from the animal, thus cooling it.  Showering cows immediately after milking helps reduce heat stress, which in turn increases their feed and water consumption and milk production.

Cool Sense Brochure


  • Control the amount of water used by adjusting the shower time—Minimize wasted water
  • Easy and economical to install and operate—Quick return on investment
  • Adapts to various lane widths and barn configurations
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional options
  • Two-year factory warranty on controller
  • Motion and temperature activated
Set Descending Direction

12 Items

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  1. Cool Sense Single Direction Kit 7400-8941-100
  2. Cool Sense Single Direction Kit-1 230 VAC 7400-8941-102
  3. Cool Sense Sensor Assembly 7400-8941-005
  4. Cool Sense Controller Kit 7400-8941-004
  5. Cool Sense Sensor Cover Replacement 7400-8941-007
  6. Cool Sense Sensor Mounting Plate 7400-8941-002
  7. Cool Sense Sprayer Nozzle, FGHT 7400-8941-001
  8. 18 Gauge 2 Conductor Cable - per ft. 6400-8950
  9. 18 Gauge 2 Conductor Cable - 50' Roll 6400-8442-050
  10. 22 Gauge 4 Conductor Cable - Per Foot 6400-5695-004
  11. Check Valve 3/4 2030-8941-001
  12. Fitting Adapter 1" Socket * 3/4" FPT 1630-7984-004
Set Descending Direction

12 Items

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We offer all the major components needed to economically set up an intermittent showering system on your dairy – including the controller, shower nozzles, electric valves, filters, and pressure reducers.