Watchdog EX

Welcome to Watchdog EX.
Watchdog EX is a cloud-based vivarium management system that allows you to control and monitor the environmental conditions and watering equipment in your animal rooms. Designed for both new vivariums and existing facilities, Watchdog EX monitors the things that matter most. This new solution provides greater flexibility for mixing/matching current hardware technologies. Watchdog EX is designed with the latest software development processes thereby allowing quick and easy adaption of future technologies, features, and hardware. 

Watchdog EX is specifically designed to aid in the management and control of animal facilities and laboratories. Watchdog EX is unique in its ability to provide several facility management tools in one easy-to-use integrated system.

Some of these tools include:

  • Monitoring the environmental conditions (such as lights, temperature, and humidity) in each animal room as well as controlling lights. This data is automatically recorded and stored in the Watchdog EX cloud system, providing tremendous time and labor savings through automation.
  • Controlling and monitoring automated watering systems (includes flushing the room distribution system to improve water quality and notifying personnel if leaks or other abnormalities are detected) as well as integrating waste flushing systems.
  • Collecting, recording, and storing data on the Watchdog EX Cloud. 
  • Generating reports and interactive graphs and charts 
  • An enhanced and interactive mobile experience for users providing notifications to personnel of problems, at any time of day or night via e-mail, text messaging, phone call. 
  • Controlling who is allowed access to each room in a facility. All access attempts create a date and time stamped log entry. This reduces unnecessary intrusions protecting the animals and research.
  • A platform designed to easily expand with new features and intelligent hardware components, keeping your facility current with the times.

Watchdog EX Vivarium Management Software System

What is Watchdog EX?

Watchdog EX is a complete vivarium management system to protect animal health, improve productivity, and assist with FDA and AAALAC compliance. Watchdog EX keeps accurate records of many analog or digital data parameters
Data readings are automatically taken at user-defined intervals and stored in a cloud database. Creating, printing, or emailing useful reports is easily done and can help verify environmental conditions. If a parameter is critical to your facility's operation, Watchdog EX can notify you anytime/anywhere via email, text message, or phone call.

The Watchdog EX system has the following basic functions:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Water Control and Monitoring
  • Light Control and Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Water and Waste Flush Control
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Alert/Alarm Notification
  • Report Generation
  • Aircuity System Monitoring/Alarming with Watchdog EX

Water Control and Monitoring

Water is a basic element of life. In the wrong place, however, it can cause damage. Stagnant drinking water can harbor bacteria and compromise findings. While water bottles provide drinking water to animals, their care and maintenance make them a very labor-intensive solution. An automated watering
system from Avidity Science is the functional, reliable alternative. To maintain desirable water quality, the utilization of any Avidity Science system designs accomplishes this goal. Watchdog EX can monitor and control these the operations in all our system designs.

Water Control

Watchdog EX's watering control features allow you to set up an automatic flushing schedule as needed. The system flushes one line of distribution piping per pressure station at a time, though multiple locations in different zones may be flushed together. Watchdog EX can also control waste flushing.

Water Monitoring

Watchdog EX continuously monitors the watering system for high pressure, low pressure, and leak conditions. If abnormal conditions are detected, or if a flush fails, Watchdog EX will document the problem and begin the alarm notification process. This allows the problem to be detected and corrected before it jeopardizes a study. Monitoring at the rack level for leak conditions is also an available feature of Watchdog EX. See our FloSense product for more detail.

Aircuity/Watchdog EX Partnership

Connect your Aircuity System with Watchdog EX and take advantage of the powerful features both systems have to offer. Watchdog EX is able to take data coming from the Aircuity System to provide valuable monitoring, alarming, and notification capabilities.