Balanced Recirculating System

Balanced Recirculating System

A recirculating system is a unique design that provides water savings in either a chemical-free system or in a system that uses residual disinfectants. Recirculation provides continuous water flow in an effort to keep animal drinking water from becoming stagnant. The concept is simple – water is pumped from a storage tank, through an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection unit, to the room distribution system,
and back to the storage tank. Therefore, water is never wasted.



  • Conserves water, helping to protect a critical natural resource
  • Controls water costs associated with treating and disposing of wastewater as well as the cost of the water itself
  • Provides continuous water flow to reduce opportunities for biofilm growth
  • Supply header has ample pressure and flow, allowing it to be tapped into for supplying water to other devices such as a bottle filling station
  • On-line rack flush option for Header-RDS Recirculating System ensures racks receive fresh water
  • Clean Joint Fittings eliminate crevices in the watering system where harmful biofilm can grow
  • Electro-polishing of stainless steel components makes the system more resistant to corrosion
  • Electronic monitoring of flow conditions available
  • High quality, dependable watering system back by 50 years of experience
  • Flexibility - we can design any recirculating system to meet your needs

Header – Room Distribution System Recirculation
In this type of system, water is recirculated through the header and room distribution system (RDS), but not through the rack manifolds. Water is pumped from the storage tank, through the UV unit, and through the supply header at high pressure. Each room distribution loop then feeds off of the supply header at a controlled, reduced pressure. Water exits the RDS loop and goes back to the storage tank through the return header. 

A facility using this design may choose to incorporate an On-Line Rack Flush system as well. This will guarantee a fresh supply of water into the racks, by periodically draining the water in the manifolds.

Room Recirc



Through the Rack Recirculation
In a rack recirculation system, the water is recirculated similar to the header room distribution system, except the water also enters the rack manifolds, bringing fresh water to each animal drinking valve. This is particularly important for species such as mice, that consume small amounts of water.

Water is pumped from the storage tank, through the UV unit, and through the supply header at high pressure. Each room distribution loop feeds off of the supply header at a controlled, reduced pressure. Water is distributed evenly through the racks from the RDS supply line. The water exits the RDS return line and goes back to the storage tank through the return header.

Rack Recirc


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