The Hydropac® AWS-2500:
A Commitment to Quality

Maintaining consistent quality during production is an important requirement for our customers. This principle has been integrated directly into the design of the Hydropac® AWS-2500 Pouch Machine. Prior to starting a run of animal water pouches, the AWS-2500 has been programmed to produce a sample set of filled pouches intended for inspection. Doing so allows the operator to evaluate a small pre-run set of pouches that reflects the quality of the full production run.

A Seal Verification Test is part of the pouch production algorithm and initiates as a prompt on the AWS-2500 control panel screen. At the onset of a pouch production run and immediately after the pouch machine operator selects the desired size and quantity of pouches to be made, the Seal Verification screen appears. Selecting TEST RUN causes the machine to produce a sample set of 10 filled Hydropac pouches for inspection of quality. The AWS-2500 then suspends pouch production until the samples have been inspected and approved.

During the visual inspection, observers check for any unexpected marks or blemishes on the surface of the pouch. The two sealed seams are checked to determine whether they are straight. The integrity of the pouch seams is then tested by applying hand pressure to ensure they are watertight.

By designing a simple and effective quality test, Hydropac has provided users a means of determining if their AWS-2500 is running at optimal performance in the production of water pouches for animal colonies. If there are any questions regarding the operation of the AWS-2500 Pouch Machine, please contact a Hydropac representative at: or call (410) 306-6345.