IMI-400 and IMI-500 Transponders. Small.


BMDS imi-400 and imi-500

The IMI-400 and IMI-500 are RFID-based Implantable Micro Identification Transponders™ that efficiently identify animal models in study applications such as developmental, oncology, and contract research. These ‘read-only’ transponders can be scanned with a compatible BMDS reader to automate animal identification for improved data gathering, recording, and validation. Both transponders provide identical benefits at modest cost, delivering data in either a choice of 1.4 mm diameter x 6 mm long (for IMI-400) or 1.4 mm diameter x 8 mm long (for IMI-500) encapsulation. This makes the transponders’ size appropriate for neonatal studies, even in mouse pups. Utilizing Parylene-C anti-migration technology, both transponders can likewise be utilized in the largest animal models without concern for movement, expediting efficient scanning procedures. 

Each microchip is pre-loaded into a disposable needle assembly and then sterilized via ethylene oxide gas. Hypodermal delivery of the transponders allows for administration without the need for surgery or anesthesia, making implantation simplified and humane. Once implemented, the anti-migration coating secures it in place.  

Both the IMI-400 and IMI-500 present researchers with a unique, secure 10-digit ID code that can be paired to a user-assigned animal database. Additionally, these transponders can be used along with BMDS advanced reader systems to store a user-created datafile that will allow ID mapping of the read-only code to display a user-assigned animal ID. Data mapping of IMI-400 and IMI-500 identification codes is an exclusive benefit that provides the opportunity to use a customizable ID display coupled with a very economical animal transponder. 

The IMI-400 and IMI-500 transponders are encased in glass suitable for all laboratory species, demonstrating excellent tissue compatibility. For additional information including a list of associated BMDS reader devices, visit IMI-400 Read-Only Transponder, IMI-500 Read-Only Transponder, contact us or call BMDS (302) 628-4100.