The Hydropac Storage Tote.
More Storage in Less Space.



One of the many benefits of using the Hydropac pouch for individual cage watering is the ability to store greater volumes of ready to use animal watering in less space. Up to 30 flexible and compact filled water pouches can be stored in polypropylene tote containers while maintaining water quality. Each translucent tote container can be securely stacked to provide a compact and convenient means of storage within a modest footprint.

Beyond this convenience, there are storage considerations necessary to get the most from using Hydropac. The physical location used for water pouch storage should meet the same considerations made for food or bedding. Areas where temperatures can exceed 80° F (27° C) should be avoided, as should areas where temperatures could fall below freezing. The ideal humidity range for Hydropac pouches is 30-70%. Pouches should not be stored in direct sunlight or near places where toxic or hazardous materials are kept.

Another important consideration is knowing the quality of the water used for pouch production. Water quality varies from municipality-to-municipality and season-to-season. Water quality testing eliminates this unknown and indicates what type of filtration or treatment methods should be used to maintain drinking water fitness. Using water treated by acidification or chlorination can extend the viability of stored Hydropac pouches for up to 90 days.

Every square foot within the vivarium has monetary value, including storage space. Whether storing Hydropac pouches for cyclic use or contingency planning, following these practices will help assure that value is realized. To learn about additional benefits of using Hydropac, visit

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