Hydropac® Silicone Patches Simplify Dosing and Sampling

Within the scope of a preclinical study, investigators may introduce water-soluble compounds into animal drinking water as a method of delivery. Transparent Hydropac® water pouches are an excellent vessel for this purpose, providing a simple and effective dosing platform when used in conjunction with a small silicone patch designed specifically for this purpose. The Hydropac silicone patch is a self-sealing patch engineered to facilitate liquid injection of chemicals or drugs compatible with the Hydropac pouch and valve. It can also be used for sample withdrawal from the water-filled pouches.

To apply the patch, start by ensuring the Hydropac pouch is clean and dry. Alcohol or chlorine-based disinfectants can be used to sanitize the exterior of the pouch prior to application. The smooth surface of the water pouch is the best area to apply the patch (do not put the patch across a seam). The patch adheres to the pouch using an FDA grade adhesive on the perimeter of the patch, located under the bright yellow ring on the patch. The center of the yellow ring is free of adhesive and acts as a target for needle injection of additives such as medication or dietary supplements.

With the silicone patch applied, a needle can be used to pierce the inside of the yellow target ring and the pouch film allowing for sample application or collection from the pouch. The patch suppresses dripping or leaking once the needle is withdrawn. Smaller diameter needles such as 27-gauge can be used to penetrate the patch several times, while larger diameters like 21-gauge needles may only allow the patch to be effective for one insertion - requiring additional patches for subsequent insertions.

Hydropac silicone patches can remain on the pouch at time of disposal. Silicone patches are available in quantities of 720 per carton. Contact Avidity Science for additional information.