Watchdog EX™
Monitoring and Control:
Reliability From The Cloud

The development of Watchdog EX Monitoring and Control software has been driven by the same goals that steered its evolution since the mid-1980’s: Design a vivarium management system that protects animal welfare, streamlines research productivity, and assists in meeting institutional compliance. Watchdog EX performs these core competencies in a contemporary cloud-based platform that eliminates the need for local networks, VPNs and server boxes while providing automatic updates, future 3rd party integration, and hardened data security backed by Amazon Web Services. All of this is delivered through a mobile friendly interface that’s simplified and responsive, giving authorized users 24/7 on-demand access to the system.

Watchdog EX is backwards compatible with most hardware, smoothing the transition for those ready to upgrade. Digi converters allow in situ legacy Watchdog™ hardware compatibility with Watchdog EX by rendering serial data into ethernet, a format readable by bridge software that transcribes the data to the cloud. Future expansion and flexibility for growth are inherent to the cloud-based platform. Pulse CMC™ users and new adopters of vivarium monitoring and control systems will be able to use sensor hardware and a controller with a direct dialog to Watchdog EX.

Whether migrating from an existing vivarium monitoring and control system or just getting started, Avidity Science provides facilities new to Watchdog EX with a robust, multi-step onboarding process. Onboarding includes verification of information integral to the vivarium, and an assessment of existing system components and the identification of system users. This is followed by a live cloud system review that assures Watchdog EX has been configured as anticipated before going live. The final onboarding step is to provide training as part of the service. Not only will current staff be oriented to the system at start-up, but subsequent trainings are easier to facilitate in real time helping new users acclimate to Watchdog EX quickly. This means facility staff can budget less time getting new hires up to speed with how Watchdog EX operates.

The foundation of any product development should be the consideration of how a new version will make the user’s experience even better than the last. Watchdog’s pedigree is based on this understanding. For additional details, please visit
Watchdog EX or contact us.