BMDS DAS-8001 Console System: Functional and Flexible.

The DAS-8001 Console System reads animal data transmitted by BMDS radio frequency identification transponders. Information received from the transponders can include animal identification and subject temperature data. The DAS-8001 works in tandem with a corresponding BMDS Smart Probe to read and store the transponder data. This makes the DAS-8001 universally compatible with IMI read-only transponders, XPT and IPT read/write programmable transponders, and IPTT read/write programmable transponders with temperature capture.

The primary role of the DAS-8001 is to control the Smart Probe, provide a display for its data, and to interface with a computer or terminal for data download. The device includes four auxiliary peripheral ports for collecting additional data from digital husbandry tools such as barcode readers, calipers, and weighing scales. Collected data can be stored in several ways including through the internal memory on the DAS-8001, writing to a removable memory card, or forwarding to a computer through wired USB cables or an optional wireless communication. If wireless is installed, it can be used for either transponder data input or collecting data output using a protected secured wireless protocol. The 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard can be configured with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption as specified by the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) for enhanced data security.

DAS-8001 with optional RSP-8025 Smart Probe.

The DAS-8001 gives users the flexibility to organize data into fields and records, make notes, and create a timestamp via an internal clock. Timestamping can be done manually through a keyboard shortcut or be automated using the Auto Stamp mode, which causes the time and date of a reading to appear before the transponder ID Code is recorded. This provides a useful way of streamlining compliance and traceability required by study protocols.

An onboard metal dome membrane keypad allows access to all the DAS-8001 unit functions. Using the console system as a stand-alone data collection system frees-up space and minimizes work area congestion. Data collected is easily legible on the brightly lit, four-line LCD screen. With each successive transponder scan or datapoint collected, the relevant information appears as the bottom most line onscreen. Prior data can be reviewed by scrolling. User menus can be password protected to bar unauthorized changes in functionality.

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