Access Control



Access Control System

Watchdog EX® Access Control helps you manage animal room traffic by controlling who enters and when. Laboratories and research facilities by nature of the activities they undertake can face various security threats. Because of this, it is very important that laboratories require robust security management arrangements, including effective access management to control who can go where and when within the laboratory environment.

The Watchdog EX Access Control system is equipped with robust alarming features. Ready to alert you of any abnormal condition, the system places a phone call, email or text page with detailed information to appropriate personnel. Plus, it permanently documents every alarm condition with the location and time.

Access control in a facility should be a controlled system with some type of physical identification features such as a pin code, transponder, proximity card or biometrics. Only people who have a reason to be in a certain area or room should have access to that area or room. A centralized system maintained for this provides a manageable solution for many laboratories with customization for access rights designed to track and monitor personnel. Current access control offered includes Watchdog Legacy pin code access only. Future additions will offer more current options for our customers. 


  • Increases facility security by regulating access to critical environments.
  • Holds staff accountable as all access attempts are time- and date-stamped, complete with the location and person’s name.
  • Sends alarms via phone, email, or text page – alarms can be acknowledged from any touchtone phone or computer in your facility.
  • Gives you the ability to create user accounts with an expiration date – (A useful feature for contractors or temporary staff that need access to the vivarium during a specific time period.)
  • Door locks can be monitored and alarms configured to notify personnel if the door is opened when it should be closed.