Plumbing Components

An automatic watering system can overcome all of the drawbacks of manual watering. It is less time consuming, more sanitary, less likely to be contaminated, and more consistent. Keep your cattle or pets well hydrated with plenty of fresh, clean water. Ensure that your plumbing systems have all of the features and accessories needed to operate at peak performance.

Find fittings, connectors, joints and joiners you need to attach, join and lengthen pipes. You’ll also find a variety of tube fittings, expansion joints and gaskets. With the right pipe fittings, you can connect other pipes and tubes for an efficient plumbing system. Choose from a wide array of products including nipples, watering valves and other drinking system supplies.

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  1. Adapters 3/16 B x 1/8 M
    Adapter 3/16 B x 1/8 M 1610-1106
  2. Tees 3/16
    Tee 3/16" B 1610-1656
  3. Twist-Tie Installation Tool
    Twist-Tie Installation Tool 0129-F-50T
  4. Twist-Tie, stainless steel wire for PVC Pipe
  5. Pipe Cutter for 1/2
    Pipe Cutter for 1/2" & 3/4" PVC pipe 0129-HV-100
  6. Tubing Standoff for 3/16
    Tubing Standoff for 3/16" Flex-Tubing 1100-7273-316
  7. Tubing Standoff for 3/8
    Tubing Standoff for 3/8" or 5/16" Flex-Tubing 1100-7273-380
  8. Loop Clamp with Screw for 3/16
  9. Fitting Barbed Adapter 5/16
    Fitting Barbed Adapter 5/16" 1610-K-44
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