The drinking valve is the heart of the Automated Watering System and its performance will determine the success or failure of the installation. Avidity offers several models of patented drinking valves. Each has features that are advantageous to specific types of birds and their housing.

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  1. Stems for Avian Cup
    Stem for Avian Cup 1010-0448-001
  2. Mounting Clip for Original Drinking Valve with 3/16
  3. Cap for Bird or Cat Cup 1/8 M
    Cap for Bird/Cat Cup 1/8 M 1010-0325
  4. Edstrom Vari-Flo Valve, 1/8
  5. Edstrom Vari-Flo Valve, 3/16
  6. Bird Cup 1/8
  7. Bird Cup 3/16
    Bird Cup 3/16" Barb connection 1000-1900
  8. Edstrom Avian Cup Valve Avian Cup Valve for Birds
    Avian Cup Valve 1000-0760
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Q: Which drinking valve should I choose, Original or Vari-Flo?

A: That depends on what species of animal or bird you have and its size. The Vari-Flo Valve is smaller and is ideal for small birds because it is easier to activate. The Original Valve is slightly larger and appropriate for larger birds. We also have special drinking valves available for large parrots, and cup waterers for domestic fowl.

Bird Watering Valve Chart

*The African Grey can drink from the Original or Vari-Flo valve. For this particular bird, it is important to use the threaded drinking valve and install in a rigid pvc pipe system. Note: The drinking valves marked for each of the animals (except guinea pig) are the preferred valve choice, but it is possible to use either the Original or Vari-Flo valve.