Our History

Avidity Science was launched on 1st August 2018, but its history dates back to 1969.

Our History
In 1969, Bill Edstrom Sr, a mechanical engineer at an automotive company in Milwaukee and a chinchilla hobbyist, had an idea which would eventually lead to the formation of Avidity Science.

The concept of providing automatic drinking valves for animals was born from creative thinking, engineering wit, and a desire to make a difference. In 1969 Bill Edstrom Sr. knew it was time for a change. He started inventing an automated watering system that would enable the automated delivery of clean, fresh water to animals living in cages. Within a year, Edstrom entered the laboratory animal market by introducing a watering system designed specifically for this industry.

By the 1980s Edstrom was a recognized name in the laboratory animal vivarium market and began to expand into the agricultural industry with the launch of unique watering and cooling systems for swine. Edstrom also introduced a ground-breaking environmental monitoring system for the vivarium, known as Watchdog in the 1980s.

Triple Red

In the early 2000s, Edstrom established sales and service representation in Europe to accommodate its growth internationally. Coinciding with this expansion to Europe, was the inception of Triple Red Ltd in 1998. The company’s co-founders, Jon Durrant, and Lynda Lee had many years of industry experience and backgrounds in the NHS, commercial sales and service delivery. From its humble beginnings, Triple Red grew consistently to its current form with over 60 staff, (30 of whom work directly in customer service) and had over 14,000 sq ft. of office and warehousing. In late 2017 Triple Red was acquired by Edstrom Industries. The acquisition brought together a wealth of experience and knowledge from two industries into one full company presence. The company has a focus on its overall competency in and ability to meet the requirements of our valued customers. We implement comprehensive training plans for our staff to ensure that they are equipped to assist you with your queries. Previously, In 2016, Triple Red introduced a new range of bench-top laboratory water purification systems. Designed and built in the UK to the highest standards the Puro, Geno, Duo, Alto, and Pico ranges produce pure water to match the requirements of all research laboratories and hospital facilities, from primary grade, Type 3, to ultra-pure, Type 1 water.

CT Chemicals 

Avidity Science acquired CT Chemicals in September of 2018. Based in Lebanon, OH, CT Chemicals manufactures and sells filtration products including ion exchange and filtration media-based solutions used in water purification applications. CT Chemicals' broad range of products is widely used by pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government customers.

"By expanding Avidity's portfolio of water purification solutions to include ion exchange and filtration media and cartridges, this acquisition supports our objective of becoming a more valuable research tools partner and is another step forward in our mission of enabling science to improve the quality of life," said Doug Lohse, Chief Executive Officer, Avidity Science.

"We are excited about how this combination strengthens our operations and expands the addressable opportunity for our unique solutions around the world," said Greg Lalonde, President, CT Chemicals.

Our Future

Today, we are known worldwide as a leader in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and repair of water purification systems and laboratory equipment for scientific research and healthcare laboratory facilities. Since its inception in 1969, Avidity Science has built a leadership position in the laboratory research market through water purification and delivery, environmental monitoring, and service solutions.

Avidity Science is now set up in America (Waterford) and Europe with entities in both the UK and France supporting all our customers.

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