Solo™ S UVLED | Ultrapure Water Purification System

The Solo™ S UVLED is a tap to Type 1 water purification system employing a reusable and recyclable water purification cartridge scheme - the first of its kind in laboratory water purification. 

  • Type 1 water up to 10L / day
  • Reusable cartridges with AvRecycle™
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) enables consumable identification
  • Solo™ S is delivered in plastic-free packaging
  • Mercury-free bacteria control LED UV technology
  • 5-inch TFT color screen
  • easySmart dispense button changes color to indicate system status


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The world’s first laboratory water purification system
with re-usable cartridges.

Avidity Science® has developed the Solo™ S - A revolutionary new sustainable water purification system that means you no longer need to send large volumes of plastic waste to a landfill. Laboratory Ultrapure water directly from tap water, producing up to 10 liters per day of Type 1 water from a single unit.  

Type 1 / Ultrapure Water Applications

Type I Water from the Solo™ S system meets or exceeds Type I water standards as specified by ASTM, CAP, ISO 3696, CLSI, JIS K0557 and high-purity water as described in USP, EP and ChP. Type I water is required for critical laboratory applications such as:

  • Analytical instrumentations: HPLC, UPLC, AA, ICP, LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS, Ion Chromatography, Electrochemistry, Particle Counter, TOC Analysis
  • Life science instrumentations: PCR, DNA sequencing, electrophoresis
  • Preparations for cell culture, molecular biology and monoclonal antibody applications


Unrivalled Sustainability

  • Unique cartridge design enables reuse, eliminates customers’ plastic cartridge waste disposal and delivers up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Cartridge housing made from 100% recyclable material
  • Treatment media can be recycled with an AvRecycle™ plan

The AvRecycle™ Plan

  • Revolutionary consumable cartridge design with no glue or welding allows for complete separation of the internal media from the outer housing
  • Annual consumables can be returned to Avidity Science for reprocessing – not thrown away
  • Recycling consumables is a comprehensive process of disassembly, emptying and cleaning the plastic cartridges before refilling and testing
  • Innovative, non-carbon pre-treatment media for reverse osmosis membrane protection can be backwashed and reused
  • All returned cartridges will be reused and, in return,  you will receive a rebate on your next Annual Consumable pack purchase!

Green Credentials by Design

  • Mercury-free bacteria control LED UV technology, eliminates the downstream challenge of dealing with mercury waste
  • Solo™ S is delivered in plastic-free packaging, certified to FSC, designed for sustainability
  • Revolutionary pump design and reverse osmosis membrane flow path, to maintain water quality with reduced energy and water consumption
  • Automatic switching to energy saving mode after a period of inactivity, further reducing energy consumption
  • Solo™ S is delivered in plastic-free packaging, designed for sustainability

Smart Dispensing With Full Flexibility

  • Ultrapure water delivered at up to 1.2 liters/minute minimizes research delay
  • Volumetric dispensing from 100ml to 4 liters allows you to work while water is delivered
  • Configurable dispense button to provide full control when using manual and volumetric configuration
  • Configurable flow rate down to drop-by-drop dispensing assists precision filling in a single vessel

Ingenious Data Tracking and Reporting

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) enables consumable identification and secure data logging ensuring traceability
  • Paperless data management with SD card technology
  • Data acquisition meeting regulatory compliance

Intuitive Touch Screen Display


  • 5-inch, TFT colour screen with simple icon navigation
  • Real time monitoring in multiple languages
    • Dispense speed
    • Dispense history
    • Cartridge health
  • Password protection for critical operating parameters

Effortless Operation and Maintenance

  • System alerts when cartridges require changing –  access is easy
  • System status notification providing visual indication of the water purification status via a color-coded dispense button
  • Built in leak detection provides system security
  • Semiautomatic sanitization process is simple and safe

Solo™ S Technical Specifications

18.2 MΩ·cm Type 1 Water

Fully integrated laboratory water purification system which can produce up to 2L/min of Type I ultrapure water. Real-time water quality and operating conditions are displayed on the dispensing interface.


(@25 °C)
(> 0.2μm)***
Solo™ S UVLED 18.2 MΩ·cm up to
1.2 L/min
< 1/ml < 0.01 CFU/ml < 5 ppb < 0.001 EU/mL < 1 pg/mL < 5 pg/mL < 0.15 μg/mL

* With AvPOU01
** With TOC Model
*** With AvPOU01 or AvPOU02


Pressure Bar 1 - 6 bar max
pH   6.5 - 8.5
Hardness as CaCO3 (ppm) < 2000
Temperature °C 5 - 35 max
Conductivity μS/cm < 2000
Free Chlorine (ppm) <5
Total Dissolved Solids  (ppm) 1400


Dimensions (System - HxWxD; mm / in) 585 x 377 x 526 mm / 23 x 14.8 x 20.7 in
Dimensions (Dispenser - HxWxD) 845 x 280 x 300 mm
Net Weight (kg / lbs) 18 kg / 39.68 lbs
Operating Weight (kg / lbs) 24 kg / 52.9 lbs
Internal tank capacity (L) 4.2
Power Supply 100 - 230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz; 130 W (max)
NFC (Near Field Communication) 13.56 Mhz


Ordering Guide - Consumables

7125-2000-002 AvProtect01 - Pretreatment Module 1 - New
7125-2000-003 AvRO01 - Reverse Osmosis Module - New
7125-2000-001 AvUltra01 - Ultrapure Purification Pack 1 - New
7125-8000-002 AvUV01 - Ultraviolet Lamp 
2200-7125-001 AvLED01 - Ultraviolet LED
2100-8000-006 AvPOU01 - Endotoxin point of use filter
7125-8000-007 AvPOU02 - Bacteria point of use filter
2100-7125-004 AvVent01 - Tank vent filter
7125-8000-003 AvSaN01 - Sanitization Module - New
7125-8000-004 AvSaN02 - Sanitization Module - Bypass - New
7125-2000-100 AvPack01 - Solo™ S - Cartridge Pack - New
7125-2000-101 AvPack02 - Solo™ S - Sanitization Pack - New


Ordering Guide - Consumables With AvRecycle™

7125-2001-002 AvProtect01-R - Pretreatment Module 1 - Recycle
7125-2001-003 AvRO01-R - Reverse Osmosis Module - Recycle
7125-2001-001 AvUltra01-R - Ultrapure Purification Pack 1 - Recycle
7125-8001-003 AvSaN01-R - Sanitization Module - Recycle
7125-8001-004 AvSaN02-R - Sanitization Module - Bypass - Recycle
7125-2001-100 AvPack01-R - Solo™ S - Cartridge Pack - Recycle
7125-2001-101 AvPack02-R - Solo™ S - Sanitization Pack - Recycle


Ordering Guide - Installation Pack

7125-2000-500 AvInstall01 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack UK 
7125-2000-510 AvInstall04 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack US 
7125-2000-520 AvInstall07 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack EU 
7125-2000-530 AvInstall10 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack CN 
7125-2000-600 AvInstall13 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack UK TOC
7125-2000-610 AvInstall16 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack US TOC
7125-2000-620 AvInstall19 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack EU TOC
7125-2000-630 AvInstall22 - Solo™ S - Commissioning Pack CN TOC


Supporting Documents
Solo™ S Operation Manual