Avidity Science - Lab Equipment Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

At Avidity, we know that you don't always have time to contact us, but we'd still like to help

Below are some common problems experienced by laboratory and hospital plant users. You can check these options first, but remember; we are just at the end of the phone if you need to speak to one of our experts.

'My RO, DI or Ultrapure water systems isn't producing any purified water'

  • Check that there is power to the machine
  • Check the incoming water supply to the machine (trace to the source - this could be another water system, or the building supply)
  • Check that the pre-treatment filters or cartridges do not need replacing 
  • Are there any error messages on the machine?
  • Is the machine due a service?

'The quality of the Reverse Osmosis, Deionised or 18.2meg water is out-of -range'

  • Check that the pre-treatment filters or cartridges do not need replacing
  • Is the machine due a service?

'The chemical sanitisation cycle on my RO system has been activated, but not started - can it be deactiviated?'

  • The activiation process cannot be overidden as it is a safety feature - it prevents the RO system from processing water when there could be chemical in the tank
  • The process takes 8 hours, you will not have access to RO water from this machine during this time 
  • If you would like to arrange user training for your staff, visit our Training & Support page

'My COincubator has fluctuating CO2 levels'

  • Check that the incoming CO2 supply is connected properly
  • If you have a CO2 cylinder connected, is the cylinder nearly empty?
  • Is the machine due a service?

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