Ringmain Design & Installation

Ringmain Design & Installation

Water Systems for New Buildings and Redesigned Laboratories

Our on-site, qualified design and projects team are able to offer a full design and installation service for your water distribution needs. With extensive experience in supplying and installing systems, Avidity Science® will see the project through from the design stage to the completion of your new or refurbished laboratory or building.

Benefits of a Ringmain Pure Water System

  • Lower consumables costs
  • Multiple points of use
  • Pure water on demand
  • Less laboratory space needed
  • Only one plant to maintain


  • Smooth bore Class E ABS or Stainless Steel pipe
  • Hygienic diaphragm valves
  • Short radius bends to improve fluid dynamics
  • A fully recirculating system to point of use
  • Computer-aided design
  • Simple disinfection
  • Turnkey project management

These systems are fed from reliable, Reverse Osmosis systems which give peace of mind that your end users are getting the right quality water.



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