Sterile Services

At Avidity Science, we know that ensuring the optimum quality and standards of the RO water used to supply your washer disinfectors or clean steam sterilisers is of paramount importance to your Sterile Services function. Our Triple Red Healthcare Technology sector is home to the experts in the design, supply and installation of RO water plant which you can rely on to take care of your requirements, optimising the up-time of your washroom and department.

We can supply a complete range of systems for providing RO water to HTM 01-01 (EN 15883) standards. The systems are duplex, steam or electrically, heated from 300 to 1500 litres per hour and 80 litres per hour cold systems.

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Our system features include;

  • Stainless steel closed loop re-circulating hot RO systems are available for every application
  • Heating by plant steam or electric heater element
  • Break tanks with type AB air gap for category 5 fluid risks
  • Boosted, softened water for wash cycles on washer disinfectors, autoclave vacuum pumps and cooling water
  • Fully designed, installed, commissioned, validated, serviced and maintained


Triple Red completed the installation and commissioning of a full process water system for a sterile services contract in a busy NHS hospital. The system includes duplex 600 litre/hour RO units, and not only provides hot RO water, but also cold softened and hot softened water for HTM01-01 compliant instrument reprocessing.