The A140 Animal Drinking Valve is used in vivariums around the world to deliver water on demand.   It is designed for use by mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and non-human primates housed in conventional caging systems.  It can also be used in applications that require the drinking valve to be located outside the cage.  Made of 316 stainless (stem is 302HQ stainless steel) and silicone rubber components, the A140 is autoclavable and can withstand chlorinated/acidified water.

The drinking valve is the heart of an Edstrom Automated Water System.  Automated watering has been shown to dramatically reduce labor costs and prevent the ergonomic risks associated with using water bottles.  When utilized with reverse osmosis purification systems, automated watering also improves water quality.

A140 Valve Series

The A140 family consist of four tip styles:  standard, stem guard, recessed, and biased.  Each valve is calibrated to deliver the appropriate amount of water for the species it serves.  Flow rates are adjustable. 


This drinking valve is available with a variety of methods for connecting to the water supply line.  It can be mounted directly onto punched stainless steel pipe using the version with the punched pipe cap or threaded into the pipe using the version with 1/8 inch male pipe thread cap.  It is also available with a barbed fitting for connecting into 3/16 inch ID flexible tubing.   Special models are available with Quick Disconnect (QD) connections.

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  1. Silicone O-Rings for A140-A160 Drinking Valves
    Silicone O-Ring for A140-A160 Drinking Valves 3100-0728-010
  2. Silicone O-Ring  for A140/A160 Drinking Valves
  3. Silicone O-Rings for A140-A160 Drinking Valves - Bag of 100
  4. A140 - Drinking Valve Grommet Esc. Guard
    A140 Drinking Valve Grommet Escape Guard 1100-3524-002
  5. Animal Drinking Valve Extender 1-1/2,  A140
    A140 Animal Drinking Valve Extender 1-1/2" 1100-7475-003
  6. A140 DV SS Biased Tip for Primates A140 DV SS Biased Tip - Primates
  7. A140 DV  SS Biased Tip- Rabbits A140 DV  SS Biased Tip Rabbits
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