Bottle Filling

Bottle Filling

Designed to fill baskets of animal water bottles quickly and accurately.

Bottle Fillers provide a quick, accurate means for filling basket loads of animal water bottles.  Our bottle fillers provide convenient hydration with a rapid fill of filtered water to quench thirst and minimize waste in the environment.

The Bottle Filling Station (BFS-675) is a system for automatically filling a full bottle basket with plain or treated water. The BFS-675 has a reservoir tank, pump, and level sensor to ensure a constant flow of water. An injection pump injects the chemical additive from the solution tank into the water as bottles are filled to provide uniform treatment. An adjustable timer control allows for consistent, accurate filling cycles. The fill manifold and case retainer are custom designed for the user’s bottle basket requirements, and can quickly be changed out to accommodate more than one case size.

The BFS-675 is a self-contained system that includes proportioning equipment, water reservoir tank with a pump, and a bottle fill table with a drain to catch spilled water. The BFS controller, located on the front of the unit, activates filling and purging operations and displays alarms. The side walls of the fill table are removable to accommodate a bottle-filling conveyor system. The water level in the tank is sensor controlled so there is always an adequate supply of water.


A bottle basket filled with empty bottles is placed on the BFS-675 fill table. The onboard control panel is used to begin the fill process. Simply press the fill/start button to begin water flow. Water is pumped from the reservoir tank at a constant rate and is delivered through the fill head to the bottles. If the water is being treated with acid or chlorine, the injection pump infuses the water with the predetermined amount of additive for the application.

The controller will produce alarms if the reservoir tank gets too low or if the solution tank needs to be refilled. If the water is being acidified, an optional pH monitor can be added to display readings on the LCD screen of the controller. The pH monitor will also trigger an alarm if the treated water is outside the user designated range.


  • An easy method to chlorinate, acidify, or medicate bottled drinking water, providing consistent water treatment
  • Interchangeable, custom designed fill manifold for multiple size bottle baskets
  • Two user-programmable fill times for two different bottle sizes
  • Removable side-wall allows loading cases from conveyor feed systems
  • Frame and cabinet components constructed of 316 stainless steel 
  • Compatible with untreated, purified (reverse osmosis, deionized), acidified and chlorinated water
  • Injection tank slides out for easy access
  • Mixing chamber assures complete dispersal of chemical additives
  • Optional pH monitor available for acidification applications
  • Separate stainless steel platform for reservoir tank mounts on either side or up to 10 feet away