Avidity Science - Design and Installation

Design & Installation

Avidity designs and manufactures the complete watering, as well as control and monitoring solution for your research facility.

Avidity watering systems are designed based on water quality, facility size, room layout, cage manufacturer, and animal species.   Our control and monitoring systems provide flexibility and reinsurance to your facility.   We can monitor a variety of elements from the basics of power, temperature, and lighting, to other components like refrigerators, incubators, etc.  Avidity provides layout and design to ensure ease of use and maximum efficiency.  We will either provide your A&E firm with blueprints or we will have our installation team install the system for you.  

The Avidity installation team is made up of a dedicated group of engineers, technicians, and LEED Accredited Professionals tasked with the goal of installing your Avidity products in the most effective manner possible for your facility. Our team of installation professionals will work with your staff and aid them with the planning and execution of bringing your system online and running at top efficiency.

Whether you design, engineer & plan new laboratories, or refurbish existing facilities, almost every laboratory will need a purified water supply and monitoring capabilities. Avidity can provide specialist support from our experienced project team and resources such as engineering drawings to help deliver the right solution.

Our experts can help guide you through each step of a pure water installation project including design and configuration:

  • Pressure drops
  • Flow velocity
  • Pipework material
  • Quality and quantity of pure water
  • Wastewater
  • Full room distribution

Our monitoring and control system protects the most critical element.  The animals.

An Edstrom Automated Watering System has monitoring and controlling features built in to ensure animal safety. The entire system is monitored starting at the point of purification all the way to the drinking valve. The system continuously monitors water pressure and flow. If an irregular flow or pressure condition is detected, the system will alarm to notify personnel to take immediate corrective action. Complete monitoring of the automated watering system verifies system performance and keeps all parameters under control, safeguarding your animals and research.

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