Tanks for Point of Use Water Purification

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from high-quality virgin polyethylene
  • Designed to be fully drainable
  • Smooth, crevice-free interior
  • Connections to feed a laboratory dishwasher
  • Dispense tap can be mounted in the middle of the unit or at the bottom
  • Optional UV Light
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All point of use units works effortlessly with our complimentary reservoirs.  Each reservoir has a pressure sensor level control, clearly displaying the water level and a 0.2µm microbiological air vent filter, with an optional CO₂ filter.  The 30 and 60-liter reservoirs are wall mountable and the 100-liter reservoir comes with a distribution pump if required.  The high-grade stainless steel pump is designed to provide water at the correct flow and pressure for many laboratory applications, including glass washers, autoclaves, and remote take-off points.




30 Liter Storage Reservoir

19.7” H x 16.2” W x 9.5” D


60 Liter Storage Reservoir

19.7” H x 19.1” W x 13” D


100 Liter Storage Reservoir

31.5” H x 19.1” W x 13.4” D


100 Liter Storage Reservoir with PUMP

31.5” H x 19.1” W x 13.4” D

More Information
Product Name Tanks for Point of Use Water Purification
Feed Water Source Tap
Industry Life Science, Vivarium
Water Quality <1400µS, 1 - 15MΩ-cm
Product Rate 10 l/hr, 20 l/hr, 50 l/hr, 80 l/hr
Water Technology Type Type 3, Type 2
ISO 9001 No
ISO 17025 No