RO100 Reverse Osmosis System

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes 99% of contaminants from the incoming water supply for variable free studies
  • Built-in conductivity monitoring calculates the actual percent of rejection.  This is useful in determining when to change the membrane.
  • Easy to install prefiltration pack lengthens the life of the membranes.
  • Uses industry standard TFC membranes which incorporates the latest industry advancements for optimal filtration. 
  • Includes on dry contact for connection with optional monitoring equipment.
  • User-friendly keypad and backlit screen allow for precise control of all RO functions and operating parameters, including inlet pressure, temperature, and membrane status.
  • Automatic flushing cycle activated every six hours to ensure longer life of reverse osmosis membranes. 
  • The cleaning feature uses chlorine tablets for protecting the system against microbiological growth. 
  • Easy to operate and reliable.  Allows total control over the water produced for a low operating cost.
  • RO100 unit languages include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • CE, UL Listed.
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The Edstrom RO100 is a reverse osmosis water purification system designed specifically to provide contaminant-free water for laboratories and animal research facilities. The RO100 effectively removes contaminants which add uncontrolled variables to your research and can adversely affect animal health.

The system provides up to 100 gallons per day of contaminant-free water at a constant flow rate for a variety of laboratory functions. The system can also be configured to provide up to 200 gallons of reverse osmosis water per day. The RO100 is ideally suited for an Edstrom recirculation or flushing automated water system.

Control of all the RO functions and operating parameters is simplified with the user-friendly control panel, keypad and backlit screen.

More Information
Product Name RO100 Reverse Osmosis System
Feed Water Source Tap
Industry Life Science, Vivarium
Max Daily Usage 757 l/day
Water Quality <1400µS
Product Rate 378 l/day
ISO 9001 No
ISO 17025 No