Puro III T | RO Water System with Integrated Tank

The Puro™ III T (formerly Pico T3) is an “all in one” water purification system from Avidity Science that provides general laboratory water with many unique features:

  • Space-saving footprint with integrated 35L reservoir
  • Make up rate 10 or 20L/hr with fast dispense
  • Intuitive, icon-based, interactive user interface with touchscreen
  • Visual alarms to alert users when system outside of set parameters, e.g. water quality
  • Wall or bench mounting
  • Quiet, internal boost pump and patented anti-vibration mountings
  • Energy consumption of < 60w when processing water


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Puro III T-1

Reverse Osmosis System with Integrated Tank

The Puro™ III T is a complete, “all in one” water purification system which provides RO water with many unique features. It has low energy consumption, minimizes water waste and maximizes the use of your laboratory space by utilizing an integrated tank.


Type 3 / Reverse Osmosis Water

  • Glasswasher Feed
  • Autoclave Feed
  • Feeding Ultrapure Water Systems
  • Hydroponics
  • Steam Generators

Handing You The Control

The intuitive touch-screen control panel gives you instant access to the data you need. Check-up on water quality and how many liters are available in the tank, without taking your gloves off.

Maintaining Quality at a Lower Cost

The economic benefits of the Puro™ III T range continue throughout the life of the product. Replacement of the modules has been designed with ease in mind, meaning that the user can carry out basic and essential maintenance tasks.

The unique reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge has built-in pre-treatment which only requires changing once per year (dependent on usage). This maintains optimum performance with no deterioration of quality from an over-worked RO membrane. The high recovery rate means the cost of waste water is also kept to a minimum.

It is recommended that a full mechanical service is completed by an Avidity Science-trained Service Partner on an annual basis to maintain the integrity of components.

Additional Information

All models are supplied with the first set of consumables.

Environmentally Friendly Lab Water Systems

Puro™ III T Technical Specifications

RO water, Type 3

The Puro™ III T utilizes proven water purification technology to provide Type 3 water, on demand. Call for water from the integral 35 L reservoir via the dispense tap on the front of the machine, to obtain the product you required.

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