Pico | All-In-One Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System w/ Tank UV | PICO10T3UV


  • Patent pending design for whisper quiet, vibration free operation
  • Compact design with integrated reservoir
  • Simple maintenance with user replaceable cartridges and color-coded service connection points
  • Low energy consumption (<60W)

 Installation requirements:

             Connection to facility’s potable water line.   Feed water to have:
             Pressure:                                  5 – 85psi
             Free Water Conductivity:        < 1400 µs / cm
             Temperature:                            45 - 90°F
             Free Chlorine:                          < 0.1 mg / liter
             Carbon Dioxide (CO₂):             < 15 mg / liter
             Iron:                                           < 0.1 mg / liter
             pH:                                              3.0 – 9.0

**Local water conditions may dictate additional pretreatment to achieve specified performance

  • PICO can be wall or bench mounted.   Benchtop must withstand 133 lbs. which is the weight of the unit full. Wall mounting kit can be purchased separately.
  • Install in a contained floor space with properly designed floor and floor drains in case of water spillage.
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Pico™ is an all-in-one, pure water system with the smallest footprint among comparable units.  This model produces Type 3 RO (reverse osmosis) water at a 10 liters per hour rate and includes a built-in 35-liter reservoir tank.  Additionally, this Pico is safer and more environmentally friendly with a mercury-free UV sterilizer to help maintain the integrity of stored water. Energy efficient and budget-friendly, Pico costs less than one penny per liter of water produced. 

Pico's patent-pending design for whisper quiet, vibration-free operation.  The systems have also been engineered for ease of use and simple ownership. They can be installed and serviced by the user utilizing the provided installation kit and easy to follow instructions. And changing out Pico's consumables is a snap - simply follow the color-coded service connection points and the job is done in minutes.

The Pico series has the following add-ons if the installation location requires:   

  • Wall Mounting Kit: 1330-3000-003
  • Prefilter for Foul Feedwater:   2100-3000-001 
  • Pump for Automatic Distribution:  2300-3000-001  
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Product Name Pico | All-In-One Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System w/ Tank UV | PICO10T3UV
SKU 7120-3000-315
Feed Water Source Tap
Industry Life Science, Vivarium
Max Daily Usage 60 l/day
Water Quality <1400µS
Product Rate 10 l/hr
ISO 9001 No
ISO 17025 No
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