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  1. Genuine or Counterfeit? Identifying the authenticity of your industrial process filters

    Counterfeiting affects business-to-business activity in many industries; recycled items, unapproved components, stolen goods all play a part. With industrial process filters, how can you guarantee authenticity? This blog explores what to look out for when identifying a counterfeit product. Read on to find out.

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  2. Are you neglecting your filters?

    Effective water filtration means saving money, improving your eco-credentials and benefiting your health. However, what happens when you don’t maintain your water filters? There are many implications that can occur when water filtration is not maintained to a high standard. Regularly changing water filters is crucial to ensuring safe water.


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  3. Filters: the unsung heroes

    Water is a universal solvent. It is vital to life from drinking, to manufacturing processes, washing, cleaning, and its essential applications in science - the list is endless. It is easy to take safe and clean water for granted; filtered water ensures we can conduct reliable experiments, consume safe and great tasting food and drink. If this process is disrupted or compromised in any way it can wreak havoc.

    This three part blog will explore what water filtration is, its importance, the implications for unkept filters and will take a glimpse into the underworld of counterfeit filters.

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  4. Spotlight on BMDS - A Newly Acquired Business to Avidity Science

    BMDS Animal Identification Reader

    BMDS Animal Identification Reader

    For the last 35 years Bio Medic Data Systems (BMDS) has assisted with the requirement to identify and track research animals. BMDS launched the first Electronic Lab Animal Monitoring System (ELAMS) back in 1987. Today, BMDS leads the industry in RFID animal identification to the global research market.   

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  5. Bedding Recommendations for Edstrom Animal Drinking Valve

    Bedding Recommendation Title

    From time to time we are asked to provide information on which bedding produces the lowest incidence of compromising the functionality of the animal drinking valve.

    Here is our reply.

    The most important aspects of any contact bedding material utilized in solid bottom cages should be focused on a particle:

    • Size consistency
    • Shape
    • Dust content
    • Potential metabolic inhibitors and microbiological contaminants *

          * Could readily be controlled if the bedding material is autoclaved prior to being utilized

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  6. The Key To Extending The Life Of Animal Drinking Valves

    Valve Care Graphic

    What are the most common water contaminants? Avidity Science Drinking Valves are made from autoclavable 316 stainless steel and silicone rubber components, materials renowned for their resistance to chlorinated or acidified water found in animal watering systems. We have best practices for the care of our drinking valves which includes information for sanitization, sterilization, and storage of the valves whether they are integral to the cage, removable or integral to the manifold. These guidelines are key to extending the life of your drinking valves.

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  7. Avidity Science™ Expands Biomedical Research Solutions

    Avidity Science™ Expands Biomedical Research Solutions Through Acquisition of New Companies

    New Companies Logos

    Waterford, WI | October 26, 2020 – Today, Avidity Science announces significant steps in expanding its global leadership in biomedical research solutions via the acquisition of Bio Medic Data Systems, Hydropac®, Lab Products, Inc., and Harford Systems. These investments expand Avidity’s portfolio of water purification and delivery products, control and monitoring solutions, and service capabilities to enhance its support of the global biomedical research community.

    “We are excited about this investment as it adds critical products, capabilities, and services to our industry-leading biomedical research portfolio,” said Doug Lohse, chief executive officer, Avidity Science. “

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  8. Water Quality in Automated Watering Systems

    What's In Your Water?

    What are the most common water contaminants? A basic principle in research is to eliminate as many variables as possible during a study. Water quality is an important variable to consider. Many contaminants are found in water such as particles, organics, dissolved ions, pyrogens, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

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  9. Qualité de l'eau d’abreuvement des animaux de recherche

    Que contient votre eau?

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  10. Keeping the Lights On | Lighting Control for Vivariums

    Lighting Header

    Keeping The Lights On

    Many animal behaviors are strongly influenced by the amount of ambient light. Lighting is a critical factor in both circadian rhythms and breeding cycles. Knowing the importance of lighting in the vivarium, how do you select the best lighting solution? 

    Lighting for vivarium use should be designed for animals and the staff that care for them. Energy efficiency is important, but it is secondary to reliability and verification of lighting. Animals cannot override the lights if the lights are not correct. Vivarium management must ensure proper light cycles for animals under their care and provide evidence that it is working correctly. Reliability means knowing what failures the system can detect and if these failures can be automatically recovered from by the system. Verification of lighting provides data to all parties on the lighting experienced by the animals. Finally, lighting schedules and allowed deviations must be controlled by

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