Indigo RO™ Reverse Osmosis System

Features & Benefits

• Removes 99.99% of most contaminants from the incoming water supply.
• Modular design allows facilities to expand the system as research needs grow.
• Large touchscreen control panel makes it easy to monitor operating parameters, set main functions, and view alarms and current measurement values.
• Water production capacity up to 5,500 gallons [20,823 liters] per day with polyamide (PA) membrane elements.
• Automatic flushing feature protects the system against microbiological growth.
• Includes a 1-micron filter to provide additional membrane protection.
• Web server option provides remote viewing of the RO status and settings.

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Indigo RO™ Reverse Osmosis System

The Indigo RO™ Reverse Osmosis System is designed specifically for animal research facilities to protect animal health by removing contaminants in their animal drinking water and preventing the introduction of variables into research studies.

The system works on the basic principle that a non-processed inlet (feed) water will be separated into a less concentrated solution (the permeate) and a more concentrated solution (the concentrate) by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane.

The Indigo RO is modular in design to meet specific requirements including production capacity, storage tank capacity, distribution pump output, and
pre-treatment and/or post-treatment options. A microprocessor-based Indigo RO controller automatically controls and monitors the system operation. It features a 15-inch touchscreen with a user interface that provides easy access to valuable information for managing the animal watering system. One alarm can signal the Avidity Science Watchdog Vivarium Management System, facility building management system, or an Edstrom remote alarm indicator.

The base of the unit is constructed of durable fibreglass and 316 stainless steel plumbing for daily use and long-term durability. All filters, membranes, meters, and pumps are accessible from the front of the unit for easy maintenance.

The Indigo RO is regulatory compliant: ETL Listed, Conforms to UL 61010-1, FCC47 CFR PT 15-B, Certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO. 61010-1, CE.
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