Filter Bank Station

Features & Benefits: Compact stainless steel panel mount assembly. 3-step filteration (5, 1 and 0.2 micron). 10" high capacity filters. Inlet shut-off valve for easy servicing. Injection port for filter sanitization. Pressure gauge located after the filters.

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The filter bank station is an ideal solution to improve the quality of drinking water for applications not using a purified water source. The filter bank station is a compact panel mount assembly with three filters that provide filtered drinking water for animal watering systems. This eliminates the need to put a 5-micron filter in each pressure reducing station to remove suspended particles which could potentially cause problems in the drinking valves.


The filter bank station requires a water supply header line, from the filter bank at a central location, to each of the pressure reducing stations in the system.

The filter bank has 10" filters with capacity, in most cases, to handle the entire animal watering system. With only one set of filters to change, maintenance costs are greatly reduced. The absolute 0.2 micron rated final filter significantly enhances the water quality with its capacity to remove bacteria and microorganisms like Cryptosporidium that may be present in the house water supply feeding the filter bank. However, the filter bank can not be expected to produce absolutely sterile , bacteria-free water. Bacteria which are trapped within the filter will continue to multiply and can eventually grow-through the filter. Best results are expected when the water supply to the filter bank is chlorinated to inhibit bacteria growth. II this isn’t possible, periodic chlorine sanitization should be done.

The two prefilters (5 and 1 micron) remove the larger suspended particles to protect the 0.2 micron cartridge and extend its functional life of up to 3 months. This life factor is dependent on the quality of the water supply and the volume of water flowing through the filter bank. Filter cartridges should be changed regularly. The frequency should be determined by routine on-site bacteria testing.

More Information
Product Name Filter Bank Station
Feed Water Source Tap
Industry Life Science, Vivarium
Water Quality <1400µS, 1 - 15MΩ-cm, 18.2MΩ-cm
Product Rate XX l/hr
Water Technology Type Type 3, Type 1, Type 2
ISO 9001 No
ISO 17025 No