Water Purification

Water Purification

Every laboratory requires purified water. Every application requires a specific grade of purified water. 

Determining which ‘grade’, ‘quality’, ‘type’ or ‘technology’ your laboratory needs, is not always easy. Here at Avidity Science, we are proud to have a team of experts available to guide you to the right solution; we have a system or can design a combination, for your bespoke requirements.

Pure Water Qualities

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What is the Relevance of Water Purification?

Reagent quality is critical to the accuracy and repeatability of results. Ultimately the success of laboratory or clinical endeavours depends on the quality, accessibility and reliability of the pure water supply.

Understanding Water Purification

In order to produce pure water suitable for use in scientific applications, water must pass through a series of technologies which remove impurities. Various laboratory applications require the removal of different impurities and therefore a range of technologies are utilised. 

Water Purification Technologies

Water Quality Diagram




Reverse Osmosis (RO) Deionised (DI) Ultrapure


Up to 98% rejection of incoming feedwater inorganics, typically 

1 - 15 MΩ-cm

TOC 50 ppb

18.2 MΩ-cm

TOC 50 ppb, typically 5 ppb

Endotoxin <0.03EU/ml


  • Autoclave Feed
  • Glasswasher Feed 
  • Feed To Ultrapure Water Systems 
  • Hydroponics 
  • Steam Generators
  • Buffer & Media Preparation 
  • Sample Dilution & Reagent Preparation 
  • Spectrophotometry 
  • Protein Electrophoresis 
  • Cytology & Histology
  • Glassware Washing & Rinsing
  • Molecular Biology 
  • Electrochemistry 
  • Critical Cell & Tissue Culture 
  • DNA Sequencing 
  • Genomics 
  • Proteomics 
  • Immunology 
  • Pharmacology
  • All Sensitive Laboratory Applications

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Made in Britain

Our UK based branch is proud to design and manufacture water purification systems in the UK to the exacting ISO9001:2015 standard. With a long established expertise in water purification, Avidity Science offers a competitive range with unbeatable quality and reliability.

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