Sipper Sack

Sipper Sack® – An Ergonomically Smart System for Individual Cage Watering

Watering individual cages of mice and rats has never been easier. The smart alternative to bottles, the Sipper Sack system utilises a disposable, plastic sack and reusable drinking valve

Sipper Sack® is a simple yet innovative system, perfect for watering individual cages containing mice or rats. Sipper Sack is ideal for controlling animal medication, and measuring water consumption when utilized as a complement to our automated watering system. Plus, Sipper Sack offers many benefits for the critical environment – helping you reduce labour and increase efficiency in biosafety, isolation, or quarantine areas.

Sipper Sack Benefits:

  • Sipper Sack is filled at the point of use, eliminating the ergonomic dangers, corridor clutter, and labour cost associated with pre-filling, carting, washing, and storing water bottles.
  • Provides easy, accurate dosing – water-soluble drugs are easily injected into the sack prior to inserting the drinking valve.
  • Compact filler and sacks save on space.
  • Drip-free drinking valve ensures cages stay dry.
  • Provides superior water quality and extended life compared to bottles - patented valve design does not allow back bubbling of contaminants into the sack.
  • Ideal for use in critical environments – no water bottles to autoclave.
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Flexible and user-friendly, Sipper Sack utilises a disposable, sterilised, plastic sack and a reusable, autoclavable, stainless steel drinking valve to water laboratory animals.

Conveniently filled at the point-of-use, the system performs in-room, on-demand sack filling in the change hood's controlled environment. The compact filler fits easily in the change hood, and the user can customise the fill volume using simple, intuitive controls. While the Sipper Sack is filling, the animal technician performs the cage change. If you need to medicate the water, just inject water-soluble medications into the fill port prior to inserting the valve. Next, place the Sipper Sack into the cage, just as you would a water bottle. The wire bar lid is fitted with a liner to protect the Sipper Sack from gnawing animals. When you perform the next cage change, simply remove the Sipper Sack and pull out the valve before disposing of the bag.

More Info: 

Sipper Sack Unit

The Sipper Sack unit is compact and fits comfortably in standard change hoods leaving valuable space for you to do other work. The unit easily connects to a standard manifold interconnect in your automated watering system.

Special Application Drinking Valve

This drinking valve is for use with Sipper Sack in cages that incorporate an external bottle top design.


Wire Bar Lid Liner

Wire bar lid liners are needed to protect the Sipper Sack from animals chewing on it. A specially designed liner can be fitted to existing wire bar lids. The liners are designed to allow stacking and withstand the rigours of the cage wash.


Sack Packs

The Sipper Sack bag is made of FDA-approved, recyclable, polyethylene plastic and comes in sealed, sterilised packs of 100. Sterilised with ethylene oxide, each Sipper Sack holds up to 450mL of water, enough to water five mice for 14 days.