WASH UP Neutral foaming detergent (2x10ltr)

DESCRIPTION: A green coloured, fragrance free, liquid detergent formulated from a specially selected blend of neutral, high foam, biodegradable surfactants.

APPLICATION: For all cleaning of any articles and surfaces, generally. The product has excellent grease emulsifying properties and the foam level may be used to indicate exhaustion of detergent efficiency, i.e. foam collapse indicates that fresh solution is needed. 

USE CONCENTRATION: For general manual wash-up procedures and surface cleaning use 30-60m1 per 25 litres of water. (Sink volume may be determined by measuring in centimetres, length x width x depth = cubic centimetres. Divide by 1000 = litres water). Sink or container dispensing units are available for this product.

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Neutral foaming detergent
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Product Name WASH UP Neutral foaming detergent (2x10ltr)
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