Avidity Science - Ringmain Design and Installation

Design & Installation

Complete Design & Installation management for all equipment aspects of your laboratory or hospital project

Avidity Science can provide specialist support from our experienced, UK-based, project team who are resourced with the latest in design technology, to help deliver the right solution.

Water Systems

Whether you design, engineer & plan new laboratories, or refurbish existing facilities, almost every laboratory will need a purified water supply. 

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Our experts can help guide you through each step of a pure water installation project including design and configuration:

  • Pressure drops
  • Flow velocity
  • Pipework material
  • Quality and quantity of pure water
  • Waste water
  • Fully recirculating ring mains

Cell Research Environments

Our Class II Biosafety Cabinet experts can assist in decisions including:

  • Hard ducted
  • Thimble systems
  • Containment laboratories
  • Fumigation with H2O2 and formaldehyde
  • Air flow balancing within rooms

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