SOLSAF non-caustic alkaline cleaner (2x10ltr)

DESCRIPTION: SOLSAF is a clear, pale amber coloured liquid, consisting of low foam detergents and alkali detergent builders.

APPLICATION: SOLSAF is a heavy duty low foam detergent for use in all types of washing machines. It may be used as a soak treatment for the removal of tenacious soils prior to machine washing. SOLSAF is also suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning methods. It has been specially formulated to avoid the use of high caustic alkalinity, therefore it may be used on all types of surfaces.

SOLSAF contains a high level of sequestrant, making it quite suitable for use in hard water applications, and it has excellent rinsing properties. Automatic dispensing and control equipment is available for most applications.

USE CONCENTRATION: For most applications, use in the range of 2 - 10 ml per litre, determined by water hardness and soil conditions.

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Alkaline cleaner

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Product Name SOLSAF non-caustic alkaline cleaner (2x10ltr)
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