Avidity Science - Service Contract

Why choose Avidity Service Cover?

Avidity Science is home to our UK-based, Service Solutions Department; the best service support organisation serving the research & healthcare industries. 

  • Specialists - We only ever use our own directly employed and fully trained engineers, no third parties
  • Significant - Over 60% of our UK staff are employed in the Service division
  • Success - Our average first time fix rate during 2018 was 95%
  • Local - Avidity Science employ 25 field-based engineers across the whole UK, some of them will be close by right now!

Why Have A Service Contract?

Capital equipment is expensive and expected to last. Help it meet these expectations by a regularly scheduled maintenance visit by trained professionals.

  • Reduce Risk - Protect the equipment, your employees and your work
  • Create Savings - Regular maintenance reduces unexpected invoices for repairs
  • Consistent Results - Keep the machine and equipment to its full capacity with limited downtime

Avidity Science Service Solutions

With a customer-centric culture and a focus on service excellence, we're there when and where you need us.

  • Best-in-class products
  • Operational Excellence
  • Engineered precision, continue with expert service
  • Reducing variables in research is our key job

Keep it simple, Buy from Avidity Science, Service with Avidity Science 

Why Not Go With Other Service Providers?

Avidity Science has the kind of expertise that can only come from being the industry leader. We set the standard of quality by which others are judged.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

  • Lack of thorough knowledge of the system and its parts
  • Mark-up on parts supplied. Saved money goes direct to system OEM
  • Don't risk the warranty. Warranty is void if other suppliers service or provide parts for the system 

Avidity Science Service Contract

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