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We have many videos available to view on topics such as 'The Science and Technology Behind Water Purification Technologies', 'Retrofitting an Automated Animal Watering System' and 'Environmental Monitoring and Control with the new Watchdog EX'.

New Normal

What Is The New Normal For Biomedical Research Facilites In The Next Decade?

In a period of massive disruption to the economy and to the management and operation of research Biomedical facilities what comes next? What will be the impact on research grants, facility budgets and how will this influence the design and operation of facilities, Steven Cubitt, Managing Director at CCTech Ltd. will explore these topics.


Retrofitting Automated Watering 

We are particularly excited with this Home Schooling session as it is brought to you by Jayne Holby, the Facility Manager of the BSU from the Cruciform building at University College London. When looking to retrofit an Automated Watering System into her building, Jayne faced an interesting set of challenges as the building is Grade II listed, home to a 4,800+ IVC BSU and is over 100 years old.

Home Schooling Video WDEX Part 1

Watchdog EX™ - Part 1

We are kicking off the series with: Watchdog EX™ Monitoring & Control Software. Watchdog EX™ is a new software platform that offers cloud-based access to the future of environmental control and monitoring.

Home Schooling Video WDEX Part 2

Watchdog EX™ - Part 2

Packed with useful tips, this video continues from Part 1 of the Watchdog EX™ software instruction.

Home Schooling Video Water Technology

Water Purification Technologies

Our Home Schooling session is all about the science and technology behind water purification technologies and we would love you to join us. We all know water purification is important but this seminar will take your understanding to another level. We will explore the various different contaminants in water, how they affect water quality and review the various purification technologies available.