SCALFREE NP Acidic descaler/detergent (200 ltr)

DESCRIPTION: A clear slightly viscous foaming liquid consisting of detergents in a phosphoric acid base. Scalfree NP contains 15% less Phosphoric Acid than Scalfree.

APPLICATION: A strong acidic detergent for the removal of scale formed by hard water salts. Similar organic impregnated mineral deposits formed may also be effectively removed. Scalfree NP may be used as an acid detergent in washing machines. The temperature should be maintained at a minimum of 5OoC which will enhance the products low foam properties for this type of application. (It is essential to check with machine manufacturer to ensure that machine materials of construction are suitable for use with acidic detergents). Scalfree NP will slowly attack aluminium and galvanised surfaces; therefore the exposure of these materials should be limited to dilute solutions. 

USE CONCENTRATIONS: For general machine washing use a 0.5-1% solution in hot water, >50oC. For cabinet or rack washers that drain on the completion of each cycle use sufficient neutralising alkalinity to about pH 6 prior to drainage. Do not increase the pH to the alkaline range in hard water areas to avoid scale formation. When Aluwash or Softdet are used as a neutraliser add an equal volume to the Scalfree NP rate. For soak treatment of heavy scale use 5-10% solution. More than one treatment may be necessary for heavy scale deposits. For sprayer use a 2% solution in water.

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SCALFREE NP Acidic descaler/detergent (200 ltr)

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Product Name SCALFREE NP Acidic descaler/detergent (200 ltr)
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