Quick Blue - Coomassie stain

Quick Blue is a new revolution in rapid 1-step Coomassie staining. The proprietary formulation, incorporating Colloidal Coomassie, is used for rapid protein staining in polyacrylamide gels.

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There are several benefits of our QC stain compared to other rapid and traditional Coomassie stains:

  1. Speed: 15 min non-toxic safe 1-step stain. No organic solvents and no phosphoric acid 
  2. Sensitive: 50 x more sensitive than other rapid stains. Lower limit is 5ng protein standard
  3. Linear Range: Very low background enabling accurate quantitation of proteins
  4. High Resolution: Sharp protein bands that you would expect with traditional Coomassie staining. Also MS compatible 
  5. Durable: Re-usable up to 3 times 
  6. Shelf-Life: 1 year at Room Temperature. No precipitate forms over time so no shaking required
  7. Simple 1-step Protocol:
  • Remove the gel from the cassette and place gel into the container
  • Cover gel with 25 ml QC stain and leave for minimum15 minutes or until all weak protein bands are fully developed
  • Store the gel in the QC stain overnight
  • Then, either leave in QC stain or transfer to DI water for gel storage

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Available in 1L bottles.

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