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  1. Pico – The New Pure Water System from Triple Red

    Pico All-In-One Water System

    The ‘Pico’ is the latest addition to the Triple Red range of high quality water systems which are manufactured in the UK to ISO9001:2015 certification. This complete, “all in one” water system provides general laboratory water with many unique features. Read more here.

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  2. Ultrapure vs Feed Water - Comparing the 4 Types of Laboratory Water

    Ultra Pure vs Feed Water, Comparing the 4 Types of Laboratory Water

    There are four levels of water purity recognised in the water purification industry, each of which are used for specific applications in laboratories. The quality of water is defined through a series of measurements of conductivity (µS/cm) or resistivity MΩ-cm), Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in parts per billion (ppb), and bacterial count (CFU/ml). Here we explain the four types of water used in laboratories, as well as the processes and properties of each type.

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  3. The Gurdon Institute Case Study

    the gurdon institute case study

    The Gurdon Institute was spending a lot of time manually pouring plates from bottles and drying them in a laminar flow. This took up a large amount of space and was very labour intensive. They also needed to manually mark on the plates what they were and the date they were made. The customer therefore required something to allow them to do this automatically. Read on to see how we helped them find the best solution for their needs.

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  4. Edstrom Industries Acquires Triple Red

    Waterford, WI | September 15, 2017 – Today Edstrom Industries LLC announced it has completed the acquisition of Triple Red Ltd. The acquisition furthers Edstrom Industries’ efforts to offer a broader range of products and solutions to the research community.

    Based in the United Kingdom, Triple Red manufactures and sells a broad range of equipment and services to support life sciences research and healthcare applications. Its products under the Triple Red brand include water purification equipment capable of delivering a wide range of water qualities and capacities.

    “By expanding global access to Triple Red’s unique portfolio of water purification solutions, the acquisition supports Edstrom’s objective of becoming a more valuable partner for our customers in achieving their research objectives, both from a product and service perspective” said Doug Lohse, Chief Executive Officer, Edstrom.

    “We are excited about how this combination will both enhance our relatio

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  5. Systec Mediaprep & Mediafill: The Ultimate Automated Dispensing Solution

    Systec Mediaprep & Mediafill: The Ultimate Automated Dispensing Solution

    The Systec Media product range is the ultimate in automated culture or liquid media preparation and distribution equipment. Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure during the sterilisation process guarantees constant high quality. The automated sterilisation and filling of plates and dishes has never been simpler or more accurate than with the Systec Mediaprep and Mediafill. Having your media process fully automated will save you and your team valuable time in the laboratory. Read on to learn more.

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  6. Copper Lined CO2 Incubators Fight Contamination in Liverpool University Laboratory

    CO2 Incubators

    Copper Lined CO2 Incubators were chosen by the University of Liverpool in their Biological Sciences Department to help to fight contamination and reduce the spread of bacteria within the university’s life science laboratory. These incubators are lined with CuVerro bacterial copper alloy surfaces, which are specifically designed to fight contamination within the incubator. Read more here.

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  7. CO2 Incubator Accuracy

    CO2 Incubator Accuracy

    CO2 Incubator accuracy in tissue culture work is essential – even one adjustment or wrongly inputted setting to an incubator can alter an experiment in various ways, causing the experiment to fail. Which is why the NuTouch electronic control system makes NuAire’s CO2 incubators one of the safest options for tissue culture work. Learn more here.

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  8. Temperature Uniformity in CO2 Incubators

    Temperature Uniformity in CO2 Incubators

    CO2 Incubator Temperature uniformity is critical in tissue culture work in order to receive the best results for your experiment. That’s why our CO2 incubators are ideal for providing the perfect environment for optimal cell growth.

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    • CO2 Incubator: All Copper is Not Created Equal

      CO2 Incubators

      CuVerro bacterial copper alloy surfaces for a CO2 incubator are available as an option from Triple Red. This copper lining can be used as shelving, or can be implemented throughout the incubator chamber in order to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

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    • 5 Tips on Laboratory Water Best Practice

      5 Tips on Laboratory Water Best Practice

      To ensure a laboratory water purification system continues to function at peak performance, it is important to implement and maintain good working practices. Read on to find out what they are.

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