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  1. Avidity Science Acquires CT Chemicals Inc.

    Avidity Science Acquires CT Chemicals Inc.

    WATERFORD, Wis., Sept. 24, 2018 -- Avidity Science is pleased to announce it has completed its acquisition of CT Chemicals Inc. The acquisition furthers Avidity Science's efforts to broaden its range of products and solutions supporting the research tools market.

    Based in Lebanon, OH, CT Chemicals manufactures and sells filtration products including ion exchange and filtration media-based solutions used in water purification applications. CT Chemicals' broad range of products are widely used by pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government customers.

    "By expanding Avidity's portfolio of water purification solutions to include ion exchange and filtration media and cartridges, this acqui

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  2. New Academic Year Special Offers

    Lab Supplies Special Offer

    Are you prepared for the New Academic Year?

    Get your laboratory stocked with our range of Class II cabinets, incubators, pure water systems, pipettes, tips, tissue culture plastics and more. Ready to be delivered and invoiced. Special Offers available. 

    Pick Your Own Pipette Starter Pack

    For more information, get in contact.

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  3. Understanding Water Purification

    In order to produce pure water suitable for use in scientific applications, water (usually mains supplied potable water) must pass through a series of technologies to remove its impurities. Various laboratory applications require the removal of different impurities and therefore, a range of technologies are utilised.

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  4. New Laboratory Labels from Brady

    Brady Laboratory Labels

    We have now got stock of 2 new laboratory label products from Brady, ready to order. Order your FREE samples today!

    The B-403 water dissolvable paper label dissolves completely within 30 seconds exposure to warm water without damaging the surface or leaving a sticky residue. 

    The B-7425-AC label is developed for use in autoclaves. The label will change colour from white to brown when exposed to autoclave conditions at 121°C for 10 minutes, and also displays the word ‘sterilised’.

    See the labels in action here

    Request your FREE samples today!

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  5. Triple Red Unveils Their New Website

    Since merging with Edstrom Industries to form Avidity Science, Triple Red has found a new home at https://www.avidityscience.com/en_gb/. With a polished look and easy to use navigation menu, people can easily find the laboratory equipment and supplies they require. Our new website is also optimised for mobile and tablet as well for ordering supplies on-the-go.

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  6. Edstrom Industries and Triple Red Combine to Become Avidity Science™

    Avidity Science Triple Red

    On the 1st August 2018, Edstrom Industries, LLC and its UK-based subsidiary Triple Red Limited, announced they will unify the company under the name Avidity Science. The change is a key part of the company’s strategic plan to build a diversified research solutions business which exceeds the product and service needs of scientists and healthcare customers around the world.

    To read the full press release, click here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/edstrom-industries-and-triple-red-combine-to-become-avidity-science-300688581.html

    For any enquiries, please get in touch: https://www.avidityscience.com/en_gb/contact

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  7. Pick Up Some Super Summer Special Offers

    Triple Red have some super summer laboratory equipment offers to help maximise your end of year budget. We have Class II cabinets, incubators, ultra low freezers, pipettes, tips and a wealth of tissue culture plastic in stock and ready to deliver and invoice. We can provide split quotations and invoices to assist with different budget allocations.

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  8. Brady BMP51: Limited-Time Special Offer

    Get the job done faster, easier and with confidence with the Brady BMP51 Laboratory Label Kit – Now on Special Offer!

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  9. Come and visit us at Achema 2018

    Achema 2018

    Triple Red will be attending the Achema Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany on the 11 – 15th June 2018. Come and meet the team in Hall 4.2, Stand N64.

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  10. University of Cambridge – Autoclave Case Study

    In 2016, the University of Cambridge released a tender to replace two BMM Weston autoclaves that took up a large amount of space in two separate rooms. In 2017, Triple Red were awarded the contract for the removal of these autoclaves and to replace them with two state-of-the-art Systec HX-540 autoclaves in the space where just one autoclave occupied previously. Read this Case Study to learn more.

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