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  1. Avidity Science Celebrates World Quality Day 2018

    World Quality Day 2018

    Today, Avidity Science celebrates World Quality Day - an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the workplace and organisation.

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  2. Countdown to Christmas with Pure Water Systems from Triple Red

    Celebrate the Christmas Countdown with Price Cuts & Chocolate

    Triple Red are giving you the chance to have a brand new pure water system installed and working in your laboratory before the 25th December. What’s more, just to thank you for any enquiry, we will give you a FREE advent calendar, complete with chocolate, to count down to the festive holidays.

    We have three specially selected gift packages for you, at the lowest prices yet! 

    Join the Triple Red water revolution and enjoy the benefits of high efficiency and low running costs in your lab before the year is out.

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  3. Are You Looking For a Reliable Lab Water Purification System? Consider These Useful Tips Beforehand

    Useful Tips When Looking For a Reliable Lab Water Purification System

    Are you looking for a reliable Water Purification System for your laboratory or hospital? Consider asking yourselves the following questions first which we have laid out in this article. Read on to find out more. 

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  4. What is Reverse Osmosis?

    How does Reverse Osmosis work?

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. It is the most economical method of removing up to 99% of your feed water’s contaminants. Read on to learn more or contact one of our Lab Water Specialists today.

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  5. Triple Red will be visiting Healthcare Estates 2018

    Healthcare Estates

    Triple Red (Avidity Science) we will be exhibiting at this year’s Healthcare Estates Exhibition at Manchester Central. This two-day event which takes place on 9th and 10th October 2018 is one of the healthcare community highlights of the year. Over 200 exhibitors will all come together to share the latest information on new products, services and healthcare innovations to create optimum patient environments.

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  6. Download our Water Purification Guide

    Water Purification Guide

    What is water purification? What are the most common water contaminants? How is water purity measured? Find these answers and more using our Water Purification Guide.

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  7. Avidity Science Acquires CT Chemicals Inc.

    Avidity Science Acquires CT Chemicals Inc.

    WATERFORD, Wis., Sept. 24, 2018 -- Avidity Science is pleased to announce it has completed its acquisition of CT Chemicals Inc. The acquisition furthers Avidity Science's efforts to broaden its range of products and solutions supporting the research tools market.

    Based in Lebanon, OH, CT Chemicals manufactures and sells filtration products including ion exchange and filtration media-based solutions used in water purification applications. CT Chemicals' broad range of products are widely used by pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government customers.

    "By expanding Avidity's portfolio of water purification solutions to include ion exchange and filtration media and cartridges, this acqui

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  8. New Academic Year Special Offers

    Lab Supplies Special Offer

    Are you prepared for the New Academic Year?

    Get your laboratory stocked with our range of Class II cabinets, incubators, pure water systems, pipettes, tips, tissue culture plastics and more. Ready to be delivered and invoiced. Special Offers available. 

    Pick Your Own Pipette Starter Pack

    For more information, get in contact.

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  9. Understanding Water Purification

    In order to produce pure water suitable for use in scientific applications, water (usually mains supplied potable water) must pass through a series of technologies to remove its impurities. Various laboratory applications require the removal of different impurities and therefore, a range of technologies are utilised.

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  10. New Laboratory Labels from Brady

    Brady Laboratory Labels

    We have now got stock of 2 new laboratory label products from Brady, ready to order. Order your FREE samples today!

    The B-403 water dissolvable paper label dissolves completely within 30 seconds exposure to warm water without damaging the surface or leaving a sticky residue. 

    The B-7425-AC label is developed for use in autoclaves. The label will change colour from white to brown when exposed to autoclave conditions at 121°C for 10 minutes, and also displays the word ‘sterilised’.

    See the labels in action here

    Request your FREE samples today!

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