Christmas Countdown

Celebrate the Countdown to Christmas with Price Cuts and Chocolate

We are giving you the chance to have a brand new pure water system delivered to your laboratory before Christmas. To thank you for any enquiry, we will give you a FREE advent calendar, complete with chocolate, to count down to the festive holidays!

We have three specially selected gift packages for you, at their lowest prices yet. Join the Triple Red water revolution and enjoy the benefits of high efficiency and low running costs in your lab before the year is out.

Gift 1: The Pico 10T2

Pure water for your lab with the Pico “all in one” system:

  • Type 2 deionised water suitable for all general laboratory applications
  • Make up rate of 10l/hour
  • Integrated 35L tank
  • Full set of consumables included
  • Very low running costs

    Gift 2: The Duo

    The Duo combines Ultrapure and DI water in one unit saving you money and space:

    • Fast variable dispenses with ultrapure water - up to 2 litres per minute.
    • Quick-change consumables with a realistic cost.
    • Novel recirculation loop extends the life of membranes and cartridges
    • Bench, wall or reservoir top mounting
    • Choice of storage reservoir: 30, 60 or 100 litres

        Gift 3: The Alto

        Produces ultrapure water at 18.2 MΩ-cm, Type 1 swiftly on demand:

        • Fast dispense of Type 1 ultrapure water – variable rate of up to 2 litres per minute
        • Dual wavelength 185nm and 254nm UV in a quartz thimble
        • Remote dispensers available
        • Endotoxin and nuclease-free
        • Quick-change consumables with realistic costs

          Book Your Water Usage Consultation Today!

          We will help you select the correct system and guarantee our best prices of 2018. For orders before 15th November 2018, we will have your system delivered before the year ends. You will receive your advent calendar at the consultation. Subject to availability. Ts & Cs apply.